Tiffany outs NKOTB Jonathan Knight as gay

Fri. January 21, 2011 5:29 PM by Pink Pulse

jonathan knight with ex, kyle wilker

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The 80‘s pop diva Tiffany, you might remember her from the hit I Think We're Alone Now, has - it seems accidentally - outed Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block as gay.

When asked by Bravo's Andy Cohen on the Thursday episode of "Watch What Happens: Live" if she ever dated one of the New Kids, she said: "I did, with Jonathan Knight. The shy one. He's fabulous. But he became gay later."

Cohen then asked the pop singer if she had turned him.

"I had issues with that, I was thinking maybe I did. But no, now looking back when we were dating, he was so much fun — we used to do facials together, he was so easy to talk to," she said.

Tiffany is taking some heat for outing Jonathan - as he's never made a public statement regarding his sexuality. Though in 2009, the National Enquirer ran photos of Knight kissing his alleged Brazilian ex-boyfriend, Kyle Wilker.

Jonathan is the older brother of Jordan Knight.