Boystown Assault Being Investigated, Possibly a Hate Crime

Tue. April 20, 2004 12:00 AM by Kevin Wayne

Person of Interest Being Questioned

Chicago, IL - Chicago Police are questioning a person of interest at Area 3 Police Headquarters in connection with the assault of two gay men in the Lakeview neighborhood. The alleged attack took place Sunday night near Halsted and Buckingham. Police have yet to determine if the attack was a hate crime.

Michael Banko and his partner were driving home from work and came across a car blocking an alley. When Banko stepped out of his car, he says he was attacked by three women who beat and punched him.

His partner was also attacked when he tried to stop the beating. The couple says one of the women hit their car with a baseball bat and implied that she’d use it on them.

“As soon as they saw Jeffrey come to my side to help me, and that we were obviously a couple, that’s when she starting using the f[deleted] term and got the bar,” Banko told Fox Chicago.

According to the couple, several other people from another car also took part in the assault. They managed to dail 9-1-1 yet the attackers managed to get away before police arrived.

Banko described the vehicle as a white Jeep Cherokee with Illinois License Plate #500 2531. Apprently the plate number is what lead police to the person currently being questioned. No arrests have been made.

While neither man was seriously hurt, Banko was treated at a local hospital.

CBS 2 Chicago ( and Fox Chicago contributed to this report. Used with permission.

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