Luxury hotel for gay tourists to open in Mexico

Wed. December 29, 2010 7:30 AM by News Staff

adonis tulum gay men resort & spa

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Cancun, Mexico - A luxury hotel catering exclusively to gay men will open next month on Mexico's Riviera Maya.

"The hotel is uniquely for men," general manager Patrick Lurenz told Efe. "That is to say, only homosexual couples are accepted, it's not for women, although among our personnel we have heterosexual men and women and all have received specialized training to avoid having our guests feel uncomfortable or discriminated against."

The Adonis Tulum Gay Men Resort & Spa, which has 94 luxury suites and a private beach, is now in the last phase of remodeling and is scheduled to be ready for guests in January, 2011.

The hotel is believed to be the first of its kind in the state of Quintana Roo. In 2009, the Mexico City legislative assembly approved same-sex unions and authorized gay couples to adopt children.

"It seems to me that it's positive that in Mexico there is an opening for homosexuals. Finally we're talking about human beings who pay taxes, who create companies. I hope that some day unions between same-sex couples will be a federal law and not just on the state level," Lurenz said.

The Adonis is near the Tulum hotel zone.