S8CS Changes Name to Jinx Titanic

Fri. March 26, 2004 12:00 AM

Popular Chicago Band Reassures Fans Change is in Name Only

Chicago, IL - “Super 8 Cum Shot” have changed their name to “Jinx Titanic.”

Though this change goes into effect immediately, the “Super 8 Cum Shot” web site will remain in operation. Through the course of the next several weeks, the band's current web site will undergo changes to become the “Jinx Titanic” web site.

The following links will take you to the web site for the band.


Plans for the fall release of “Super 8 Cum Shot Volume III” have been canceled and the band will head into the studio this summer to record their first record as “Jinx Titanic.”

The band’s recordings Super 8 Cum Shot Volume I (Buy It) and Super 8 Cum Shot Volume II (Buy It) on Big Dixie Records,along with merchandise bearing the "Super 8 Cum Shot" logo, will be available through October of 2004 or while quantities last. For more product information
please visit: http:/www.super8cumshot.com/get

This action by the band represents a name change only. The line up of Jinx Titanic (vocals), Machine Gun Garofalo (guitar), Spike McGuire (bass), and Posey (t-mint) Parker (drums) will remain.

There are no plans to change the band’s style of Sex Charged - Fun, Fast, Loud, Party Punk, Garage, Pop, Rock Music.

The band's first performance as "Jinx Titanic" will take place Wednesday, March 31st at 9:30 p.m. at Cell Block.