Global Cyber-Fitness: The Work Out Of The Future

Sat. July 22, 2000 12:00 AM by Internet Wire

Los Angeles, CA - The computer age has created a fatter, flabbier, more sedentary generation. But a Southern California start-up, Krav Maga Interactive plans to reverse this trend. keeps viewers fit while they stay indoors -- and keeps them safe when they venture out. By teaching self defense and fitness over the internet, Krav Maga Interactive is not only redefining the way we work out, but what it means to be a ‘distance learning’ web site.

Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli military. It is required training for scores of law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams nationwide. Krav Maga is recognized as the most efficient self defense system for real-life situations; emphasizing practical defenses against real attacks using the body’s instinctual responses and natural reflexes. The system also emphasizes a high-energy, no-nonsense fitness program to whip you into shape in case you have to use the techniques. Krav Maga combines kicking, punching, street fighting, ground fighting, boxing, and even defenses against guns, knives and sticks. Until now the system has been taught at the 1,500 member National Training Center in West Los Angeles and at select licensed centers across the country.

With Krav Maga Interactive (KMI), self-defense students, web surfers and voyeurs worldwide can click on to view a variety of offerings -- from techniques once reserved for elite military units to the latest fitness moves performed by L.A.’s hardest bodies. Cyber-searchers who click on and sign up for an interactive training package will find a variety of services, including streaming video of live classes, chat rooms, and archives of previously recorded Krav Maga classes, along with a variety of information, products and services.

At ‘distance learning’ is no longer reserved for mere intellectual pursuits. Viewers can work out to live broadcasts of high-energy cardio kickboxing, sports conditioning, and yoga, all taught by some of Southern California’s hottest trainers and attended by LA’s fittest and finest. Private training is also available via student/teacher interaction through computer top video cameras.

After the live broadcast, all classes are archived for students to view and/or download. CD ROMs of the classes and video clips are also available. Self defense classes feature some of the top instructors in the country. Streaming video seminars are taught by world renowned experts, including SWAT trainers and champions of the hard-core Ultimate Fighting Championship(R).

Because KMI’s focus is on fitness and safety, the site includes free safety advice offered by law enforcement experts, and will sponsor discussions with sworn police officers to help men and women avoid dangerous situations at home and on the street. As a bonus, offers free email to all its online students, plus discounts on merchandise and training equipment.

"Krav Maga Interactive is positioning itself as the Internet source for self defense and fitness training products and information,” notes John Whitman, President of KMI’s parent company, Krav Maga Worldwide Enterprises. "The Krav Maga self defense system is simple and straightforward, so internet training is perfect for people who want basic self defense and can’t get to a school. And fitness program is not only fun, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

The target launch date for KMI is June 1, 2000, "although we’re ahead of schedule,” says Whitman. "Look for the new site to go up before the end of May.” Krav Maga Interactive (KMI) is an expansion and total redesign of the current Krav Maga Worldwide Enterprises website. Revenue from KMI will be generated from the sale of online training packages, merchandise sales, special online services and from advertising space sold to vendors who want to target Krav Maga’s desirable 18-34 demographic.

Ilan Mishan, Chief Technical Officer and a KMI co-developer designed the site using IBM Hot Media ( to display merchandise in 360° view); Micromedia Flash (provides digital animation and sound); Active Server Pages (allows browsers to search within the site); Cold Fusion; (the top programming language of the Internet; Cart 32 (one of the best online Pro Shop software programs); and both Photoshop 5.5 and Micromedia Fireworks for graphics.

"The main problem with Internet broadcasts is that they usually come out stilted and choppy because of the transfer speed, and that the image on the screen is too small. Most Internet sites restrict the bandwidth a user can have. KMI lets the online student see the image at whatever speed the computer can take. Plus, we provide viewers with a large image size. The total number of users on each T1 line is monitored. For live streaming, users can use either Java or Real Player. For downloads, users have the option of Real Player, AVI, Mpeg or Quicktime (for Macintosh).”

The initial start-up for KMI includes a devoted T3 line to provide fast access to streaming video, email, and the ProShop. "We’ve done everything to make sure online students get information as fast as possible.”

"We believe in teaching people about safety, and we wouldn’t do it this way if we couldn’t do it well." Krav Maga’s slogan is ‘Combat For A Modern World,’ says Whitman. "this new site makes that slogan a reality...or a virtual reality, anyway.”

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