'Danny Will Die Alone' to stream on Dekkoo

Fri. May 17, 2024 2:21 PM by GoPride.com News Staff

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Jack Tracy brings parts of his personal life and the hellscape of being a single gay man trying to find love via the hookup apps to Dekkoo, the premiere streaming service for gay men.

Created by and starring Tracy, “Danny Will Die Alone” is loosely based on Tracy’s dating life in New York City and his “Dying Alone Together” podcast.

Dekkoo will launch its new original series, Danny Will Die Alone, on May 16.

Recently single after a devastating breakup and freshly entering a mid-life crisis, Danny finds the dating scene markedly different from the last time he was on the market. Emotional unavailability, fear of commitment and hypersexuality abound and Danny is forced to navigate his way through unhinged flakes, fakes, and bots, all while remaining blissfully unaware of his own multitude of flaws.

“Danny is the lesson that you never know where life will take you. What began as a YouTube essay style series evolved into a podcast only to become a web-series that is now a full-fledged Dekkoo original show. It is fresh, biting, jaw-dropping and hilarious, and will likely cause some erections and ruffle some feathers,” said Tracy, who noted that the “bluntness and willingness to not always paint queer people in the best light” truly stands out.

“It looks at our faults and makes fun of some of the quirks of what it is to date in the community.”

Tracy, 41, who lives in New York City, added: “I love the way sex is portrayed and how people will speak about it. Realistic vulgarity might trigger some embarrassment due to its accuracy.”

Danny Will Die Alone delivers vulgar humor with a critical look at modern dating and its shifting relationship styles. It explores how gay men use the apps, treat one another, and the differences in their behavior when interacting virtually and in-person. “On the apps, you're never quite sure if the man you are speaking with is looking for something real or if he simply enjoys the chase,” Tracy said.

Tracy, the executive producer at Necessary Outlet Productions, said Danny is the version of himself who has completely lost his mind and become entirely jaded. “He turns up my crudeness, rudeness and judgmental nature from a 6 to an 11.”

All the plots are based on real stories. 

So how difficult is it to find Mr. Right in 2024?

Near impossible, he said. “The dating apps are a wasteland of unwanted bottoms and married men. Pack it in, kids. It’s over. Get a dog.” Tracy said.

He notes there is a huge emphasis on casual sex encounters today. “It’s as if long-term relationships and traditional dating structures have been abandoned by men in their 20s and 30s,” Tracy said. “Once you get into (your) 40s, it’s a whole other macrocosm of messiness; mostly married couples who have opened their relationships and are looking for a temporary third to complete their throuple.”

The first nine episodes of "Danny Will Die Alone" are 15-minute affairs, each focusing on Danny’s encounter with a man who represents a particular corner of the gay dating world. Characters pop into Danny’s life only to never be heard from again, no different than how it goes while dating in the modern era.

It begins with Danny attempting to convert a well-endowed hookup into a forever partner. After that fails, he meets hipsters, conservatives, spiritual beings, gym gurus, and men with all kinds of kinky sexual proclivities. All the while, Danny breaks the fourth wall to regularly let viewers know what he’s thinking about during the ongoing car crashes. “It's a way to bring the audience into Danny’s issues,” Tracy said. “The viewers become the confidant Danny vents to.”

Tracy said the craziest date he’s had was when he was accused of having Trump Derangement Syndrome by a man who said he needed to find a new church because his fellow parishioners were all losers.

Tracy walked out of that date, yet a version of that is in the first season.

Tracy said his Mr. Right is “an introverted type with a high libido and critical eye towards humanity, who looks at me like I’m the strangest creature he has ever met and finds it all equally entertaining and arousing.” 

Tracy confirmed a Series 2 is forthcoming, with longer episodes: six 30-minute episodes with a season-long story arc.