Nick Osin was all smiles at Chicago Pride Fest: 'So much love'

Thu. June 22, 2023 8:38 AM by Ross Forman

nick osin was all smiles at chicago pride fest

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'I am blessed to be a part of this community and perform for everyone,' says Osin

Nick Osin was all smiles after his Saturday night, June 17 performance at Chicago Pride Fest in front of an overflowing, energy-filled crowd.

“The amount of people who showed up, reacted to my new music and sang along to it, there was no better feeling. I was so honored to have this opportunity and make the most of this experience. Moments like these are very motivating. This was a career highlight,” Osin said.

“I couldn’t see the end of the street from (my) on-stage point of view. So many people. So much love. I am blessed to be a part of this community and perform for everyone.”

Osin, who lives in Los Angeles, was making his Chicago singing debut – and he sang the praise of the popular two-day street festival.

“Events like Pride Fest are very important; they bring people together, unite people, teach how to love each other despite all the differences and backgrounds,” he said. Pride Fest was filled with “beautiful, memorable moments of celebration with music and laughter that charges up people’s hearts.”

Osin tagged his performance a success and can’t wait to return to Chicago.

“I felt so much love and joy. The feeling of people receiving my music is indeed priceless,” he said. “The look in their eyes wondering who this is because I am still an up-and-coming artist and what emotions my music is going to make them feel, it was so much fun. 

“Seeing people have a great time is the biggest reward any artist can wish for when introducing the audience to their art. 

“I enjoyed Chicago, undoubtedly one of my favorite cities.”

Fellow Pride Fest DJ Spencer Huff said he was very proud of Osin’s performance.

“It’s amazing to see him rise on Pride stages nationwide and be recognized for his gifts,” Huff said. “It’s also very empowering to witness intergenerational artists like us and those we’ve looked up to, sharing these stages where we once danced and dreamed of performing. I’m so proud to call Nick a friend and can’t wait to see what’s next for him because it will be spectacular.”

Osin went boating in Chicago with friends and his team. He also ventured to new restaurants and said he found “great local food.” And, he also, “had time to go out and get in a little trouble,” he said, laughing.

“I love boating, so we went on Lake Michigan and enjoyed the Chicago summer weather; it was a great time with my teammates and friends. I love to base myself around nature while remaining in the city. It’s a grounding experience. That’s where I mainly write most of the music,” Osin said.

Next time in Chicago, Osin said he also wants to experience the city’s Broadway shows.

He recently watched SIX in Los Angeles and said he’d “highly recommend” it to all.

He also is returning to Chicago for the Beyoncé show at Soldier Field, set for July 22-23.

“Beyoncé is on my list. I cannot wait to see her perform. She is the one artist I would do anything to be mentored by,” Osin said. 

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