Photos: DJ Spencer Huff delivers a St. Paddy's Day Boozy Brunch Bash at D.S.

Fri. March 17, 2023 8:54 AM by Ross Forman

'I can always count on Chicago to turn up,' says Huff

DJ Spencer Huff was spinning for about three hours on Saturday, March 11, at D.S. Tequila in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood as the city started its week-long St. Patrick’s celebration.

“What’s funny about Chicago’s St. Patty’s Day celebration is, it’s not actually St. Paddy’s Day, but rather, (about) a week before. In my head, this just gives Chicago the excuse to drink all week up until the actually St. Patrick’s Day, which is March 17 – or it’s the kickoff of BlackOut Week, as one of my friends coined it.”

Close to 200 were listening and dancing to Huff’s beats.

“Chicago is always a delight to visit and play for. This city respects and values house music probably more than any other city,” said Huff,, who is based in Los Angeles. “Most of my visits to other cities are very quick, however, I have the wonderful blessing of going anywhere and being welcomed by my local friends to whatever they might be doing that day. The opportunity to reconnect with them outside of the dance floor is really what I value the most.

“The crowd at D.S. was great. It probably was my favorite set I’ve ever played at D.S. Tequila. Due to (the daylight savings) time-change, there was a little confusion about the end time, but I had everyone moving and grooving until 3 a.m. I ended with claps and cheers of an encore, so I played a few more tracks and finally called it a night.”

Huff added, “You can always count on some high kicks in my set, however, the stage at D.S. is rather small, so I can’t get too wild. I can always count on Chicago to turn up, no matter if it’s 6 a.m. and 80 degrees or 3 a.m. and snowing.”

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