DJ Saint Devera is creating the space for a new generation of sound

Thu. March 2, 2023 9:23 AM by Ross Forman

dj saint devera

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DJ Saint Devera is finding his way in the sound: ‘The constant music discovery mode inspires me every day.'

DJ Saint Devera has been spinning for less than 2 years, yet already is a regular at Hydrate Nightclub in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, often bringing the sounds on Friday and Sunday nights. He also spins regularly at Splash.

And he had many memorable gigs in 2022, such as at Replay Lakeview during Northalsted Market Days, Halloween at Hydrate, Chicago Pride Fest weekend at Cerise Rooftop in the Virgin Hotel, plus gigs at Golden Dagger and Soho House, among others.

“It was an incredible year,” said Devera, 25, who lives in Lakeview. “I’ve lived at underground parties, shows and festivals for years and always had a bigger appreciation for the music and art form.”

His resume and sound continue to grow: “I’ve very excited to announce the launch of my first event, Effervescence – an artist party to provide a space for talented, creative individuals to come together for a night of community, music and style,” he said.

The Effervescence party will be in April. (For more information, follow on Instagram.)

“I blend old- and new-school sound to create something familiar while still being innovative,” he said.

His first DJ job was at a rooftop birthday party for friends. “It was so windy that day, but we had a great time and it was great to be surrounded by friends who hyped me up the entire night,” he said.

Saint’s style features a baseline inspired by Chicago house music. “The deep (and) soulful, those amazing vocals that move us,” he said. “It wasn’t until the past few months I really started to work with more tech and tribal types of sound. I love bringing a provocative aspect, a feeling that entices you on the dance floor.

“The constant music discovery mode inspires me every day. I’m surrounded by sound, constantly, and I love it. It motivates me to push my sound further and larger, so every gig is more nuts than the last.”

Saint said it’s hard to describe the emotions of DJing at Hydrate. “I’m so beyond blessed to grace a stage that has been (home) to some of the greats. I’m incredibly proud to be the first 25-year-old Asian-American to get behind those decks,” he said.

The Sounds of … DJ Saint Devera

Favorite DJs: Mikey Lion, Sam Divine, Peggy Gou, Karsten Sollars, CZ Boogie and Janky

Three DJs To Watch: Virago, IAmBrandon, Ameer The DJ

A Good DJ: “Continuous, consistent practice … An appreciation for all styles of music … Reading your room, feeling a vibe as if you were on the dance floor. Controversial opinion, but I love a DJ who puts on a show.”

All-time Favorite DJ Gig: “The debut of Splash House was such an amazing time; I’m really excited to be a part of it.”

Drinking In The DJ Booth: “A few glasses of Prosecco, sometimes a bottle.”

Upcoming: Opening for Lady D at D.S Tequila on March 18th and headlining DS Late on February 24th.

Also: Launched a new party, Effervescence, on February 17 at Barrel: a party for artists, by artists. “All the most fabulous are going to be there.”

Favorite Actor: “I’ll watch anything Jake Gyllenhaal is in.”

Favorite Singer: Miley Cyrus

Favorite Band: “If I’m listening to a band, it’s usually one from the 2000s pop punk era.”

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Hobbies: Photography, graphic design, traveling and trying new restaurants

Little-known Fact: “I really love old-school drag. One of my favorite shows on the strip is Mz Ruff n Stuff’s Lipstick and Mascara on Monday nights; the talent booked is always so incredible.”

If I Wasn’t a DJ … “I’d definitely still be in the DJ booth.”

Boxers or Briefs: “Briefs … 1,000 percent. I mean, I did get my start on Halsted (Street as a go-go dancer), so I’m always in the mood to show some skin.”