DJ Enrico Meloni brings 'pure energy' to URGE Miami Festival

Wed. November 2, 2022 11:34 AM by Ross Forman

dj enrico meloni

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URGE Miami Festival returns Thanksgiving weekend, November 25-28

DJ Enrico Meloni is a muscle-packed Italian who also spins regularly in Spain with a simple style: Pure Energy.

“My style is a mix of all my influences, my travels, my experiences, and my musical tastes. It brings a lot of tribal, progressive house, vocals, influences from Italian, Brazilian and even classical music,” said Meloni, 38, who lives in Rome and is originally from the Italian city of Sardinia.

“I try to have the most fun every night (that I am DJing). Each party is different, but always manages to have something special. One of the most exciting events I have played was the opening of the Lady Gaga concert at EuroPride in Rome. Having all those people in front of (me) was truly incredible.

“I don’t know what makes my DJing special, but I definitely know what makes it special to me. Every time I play, I live the party with my audience. At home, I prepare the music but not the setlist, the choice and order of the songs to be played takes place in the moment, during the night. It often happens that one minute from the end of the track, I change it, based on the feelings of that moment. I dance and have fun as if I was on the floor and, I can choose what I want to hear.”

Meloni has long been attracted to music. In middle school, for instance, he organized a party for his birthday – and he was the DJ. At age 16, he collaborated with the local radio station, where he proposed musical choices and even did the speaker in a program with dedications and requests.

“When I was very young, I wanted to be an archaeologist,” Meloni said. “I was always fascinated by ancient Egypt, pre-Columbian civilizations, the myths of Eldorado and Atlantis. These topics are still very passionate to me. When I am at home, I find it interesting to watch documentaries on these topics, and even when I travel, during very long flights, I enjoy listening to in-depth podcasts explaining new theories and new discoveries on these topics.

“As a DJ, I don’t have a single DJ model. I listen to different types of music, understand the trends and why they are taking place. I take what is interesting to me and what can help me grow. I may like one DJ for his rhythm or the instruments used in some productions and another for the way he creates his melodies. Others, I am attracted by their marketing, graphics and care in promotion. These are the things I look at, that catch my attention. Surely the motivation is that I like to take care of everything related to my character, musical productions, graphics and promotion.”

Meloni said the first time he played for a real audience was at age 16 – for a party at school. He attended high school in a nuns’ school, he said, so “they weren’t very supportive of the idea of organizing a party. But we needed to find the funds for the school trip, so I convinced them and organized a super party in the largest room of the school. Everything was arranged, (including) lights and a small smoke machine.

“We had a lot of fun.”

There will be plenty of fun at the URGE Miami Festival in November.

“I can’t wait to meet all my friends there,” Meloni said. “I know people will come from all over the United States and beyond; it will be a special occasion to have fun and make new friends and, above all, listen to good music, I saw the lineup and it’s fantastic. I love URGE and Miami gives me incredible energy. The parties will be amazing and above all I will have the opportunity to play in one of the most iconic parties, the legendary beach party. I am excited.”

Meloni said open-air parties are his favorite. “The energy is incredible; I feel free,” he said. “I am excited for this event and know that I have a big responsibility; it is important, and everything must be perfect. The role of the DJ is crucial; he must create the right mood because it can make the difference in the success of a party.

“I will come to Miami with all my energy; I am preparing special tracks that I am sure will drive you crazy. Every time I play, I like to (deliver) something new and for the URGE Miami Festival, I am preparing a few, new productions that you will (hear) at the beach party. I will do everything to make the party unforgettable.”

Now Spinning … DJ Enrico Meloni

Chicago: “I have never played in Chicago and, unfortunately, I have never even visited Chicago, yet. In the list of cities in the United States that I have never visited that I would absolutely like to see, Chicago is at the top. I already have places to visit in mind, so be prepared, I will be coming soon.”

Hobbies Away From Music: “In my free time, I like going to the gym, seeing friends for dinner, hiking and seeing new places. I am lucky to live in Italy; we have a lot of beauty, monuments, museums and nature that offers us so many opportunities. I like to ski, sometimes when you are on the top of a mountain, the clouds are below, and you feel in heaven.”

Little-known Fact: “I am shy.”

Three Favorite Actresses: Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Jodie Foster

Favorite Musician/Musical Act: Queen, for sure. “They weren’t afraid to experiment. Their lead singer, Freddie Mercury, was a genius, as well as having an amazing voice. They produced legendary songs, including some of my favorites: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Radio Gaga.’”

Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs – “I don’t like loose-fitting, classic boxers; I prefer tight ones to hold my.... Also, they are more comfortable; and, I find them very sexy.”

URGE Miami Festival returns Thanksgiving weekend, November 25-28, with 6 massive events: three nighttime and three daytime parties, including the Royal Palm Pool Party and the legendary Beach Party on the sands of South Beach. There will be parties in the biggest and best Miami nightclubs and truly a who’s who of worldwide DJs and producers, including Alex Lo, Dan Slater, Edu Quintas, Enrico Meloni, Jerac, Joe Gauthreaux, Marvin Ayy, Mauro Mozart, Paulo Fragoso, Suri and Tom Stephan, among others. (Visit: will spotlight some of the stars heading to URGE Miami Festival.