Warner Bros. 'Wizard of Oz' remake to have LGBTQ representation

Sat. September 24, 2022 11:29 AM by Gerald Farinas

original l. frank baum illustration

photo credit // gopride.com

Kenya Burris tells Variety he will write story to mirror current times

Los Angeles, Calif. - Variety reported that the new Warner Bros. production of Wizard of Oz will include LGBTQ representation as part of bringing the L. Frank Baum novel to today's realities.

Director Kenya Burris told the entertainment publication that the original story was meant to reflect issues affecting Americans in the 1930s. The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl were central to day-to-day life back then.

"We're going to turn the mirror on where we're at right now," Burris said to Marc Malkin and his Just for Variety article.

The director-screenwriter wants the movie to represent a cross-section of American communities while maintaining Baum's original allegory.

Warner Bros. is not the only studio planning a major Oz remake. New Line Cinema is working on their own new interpretation.