Grabby-nominee Skyy Knox hits Chicago for wild Memorial Day weekend

Mon. May 23, 2022 12:27 PM by Ross Forman

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Chicago hosts the annual Grabby Awards and International Mr. Leather over Memorial Day weekend

Award-winning adult star Skyy Knox returns to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend for the wild festivities that are IML, the sexiness that shines through the Grabby Awards, the late-night, music-filled dancing at Hydrate Nightclub … and the opportunity to “taste all the new meat” in the city.

“I hope to see many familiar and old faces this year for (the) Grabby (Awards) and IML weekend at Hydrate. I'm also ready to see and possibly taste all the new meat,” said Knox, 35, who lives in Montreal and last performed at Hydrate last summer for Northalsted Market Days.

The Grabby Awards kick off on Thursday, May 26, with the Official Kickoff Park, Skin Trade, at Hydrate, starting at 10 p.m., hosted by Chi Chi LaRue. Knox will be among the special guests, along with Beau Butler, Amone Bane, Killian Knox, Jessie Stone, Rob Montana, Chad Hammer, Adrien Rose, Alex Tikas and others.

The Grabby Awards America is set for Friday night, May 27 at the Metro Theatre, hosted by Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West, starting at 7 p.m. The Official Afterparty Friday night is at Charlie's.

The annual International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack 2022 runs May 26-30 at the Congress Hotel and Convention Center. The Saturday and Sunday IML contest events will be held at the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place.

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“Hydrate is my Chicago family,” Knox said. “I am excited to be back (in Chicago), not only as the main host and dancer for the weekend, but also to see some of my closest friends who just so happen to work at Hydrate.”

IML and the Grabbys have been silenced for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now the porn stars are ready to party, Knox said. “Let's hope we see some naughty fun as well and some big dicks,” he said. “I am an exclusive dancer for Hydrate. I love performing at this club; they truly let you become yourself on stage and it is a big family.

“My Hydrate memories are mostly with my born husband, Johnny V. We have danced and partied at Hydrate for years and these memories will last my lifetime, especially when the two of us are causing trouble in the basement. I have brought down my share of dicks to enjoy, and so has he.”

 Knox is a 2022 Grabby nominee in the Hottest Body category, and the Best Threeway (with Trent King and Derek Thibeau in Falcon Studios' Into the Woods).

“I am ready, more than ever … it's been too long since we've been to a Grabby's Award Show,” said Knox, who will be performing the halftime show.

Now Dancing … Skyy Knox

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 185 pounds

Single or Dating: Single 

Oh, Canada: “I am a very proud Canadian. Living in Canada is a blessing; however, I do love travelling and seeing the entire world as I told myself when I was a young boy that that was a must.”

In Chicago: “I mostly will be working at Hydrate and focused on the award show. I do, however, have a few personal plans with a few local sexy men. One huge new find is what I'm most excited for and can't wait to show you all of it, and more.”

Celebrating in Chicago: Knox turns 36 during his visit. “Chicago is my favorite American city … I just wish it had Miami weather.”

Traveling: “The world is for me to explore and conquer, and that's exactly what I'm doing.”

Hobbies: Cooking, dancing and traveling

Little-known Fact: “I love alone time.”

Away From The Spotlight: “When I have off time, I am keeping quiet, staying at home catching up on TV, working-out like a bitch and cooking to my heart's content. Oh, and keeping my regulars entertained.”

Three Favorite Porn Stars: “(To) be completely honest, I don't have a favorite, let alone three. However, I will however say that Arad Winwin will always be a special man in this industry for me.” 

Porn Industry: “Working in the porn industry is an absolute honor and privilege. I have never loved my job more than I have being a part of this incredible industry. I do, however, more than just sex. There's a huge world of opportunity out there and I want to challenge you all to express yourself in every kind of way. For us, sex is easy and relatable and we're really good at it, but I'm also talented in many other ways and I'm showing the world exactly those talents.” 

Best Part of Porn Industry: “Creating high-budget porn movies.”

Worst Part: “Waiting for a cum shot.”

Favorite Scene: “All of my TIM TALES scenes.” 

Dream Scene: “Group gangbang … but I select all the tops.” 

Boxers or Briefs: More options needed – “I choose, thong.”

Socially Speaking:

Instagram: @skyyknox

Twitter: @knowskyy

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