Naysha Lopez relocates to LA, returns for regular engagements at Roscoe's

Thu. March 31, 2022 1:02 PM by Ross Forman

naysha lopez

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Lopez on move to LA: ‘I knew it needed to happen but leaving friends and family behind was really tough.’

After years of wanting to move to California, Naysha Lopez finally left Chicago and the bitter-cold winters this past January. The move was long overdue, so she wasn't too emotional about leaving.

Especially since she's back in Chicago – at Roscoe's Tavern in Lakeview – every Friday night.

Lopez, 37, an artist and public health worker, moved to Chicago while in grade school and has lived here since. She jokes that the move also was spawned by the fact she has run out of boys to date.

“I needed a change and better opportunities. I've always wanted to move to California; I'm glad I finally did it. I kept getting these calls to do things in L.A., and I continuously had to decline these offers and auditions because I didn't live there,” she said. “I knew it needed to happen but leaving friends and family behind was really tough.”

Lopez still works in public health and is taking acting classes – and more.

“I'm very inspired and ready to put in the work. I will be on the big screen and television someday,” said Lopez, who also is working in Los Angeles for a nonprofit organization that offers health education and prevention services for the LGBTQ community.

Lopez performed at the annual iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 22nd alongside Jennifer Lopez.

“I'm motivated and inspired,” she said.

In the gym, too – as seen with countless “thirst trap” pics Lopez has posted on social media.

Lopez' alter ego, Fabian, has posed for countless shirtless photos, highlighting his sculpted physique. He is driven “to look super sexy naked,” he said, laughing.

“Health should always be the No. 1 reason, then (so you can) slay in a swimsuit,” Lopez said of the gym-produced body. “I'm feeling motivated, inspired, and great in my skin. That's important because it's new to me.”

Lopez said she will miss plenty about Chicago, not being here constantly, particularly the wide range of restaurants. “Going out to dinner and then to lakefront in the summer is amazing,” she said.

Lopez is a former Miss Continental winner and has performed at halftime of a Chicago Bulls game.

“I always try to encourage people to be themselves, be true to who they are, their passions and their beliefs. Always remain positive because life doesn't get better; you do and everything else just falls into place,” she said.

When asked about Chicago's LGBTQ community, Lopez said that it can get “clicky and segregated, so I encourage people to switch up go to a Latino Night if you've never been. Embrace the beauty in the diversity that this city has to offer and love, love and more love.”

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