NYC mayor appoints anti-LGBTQ pastors to his new administration

Tue. March 1, 2022 6:15 PM by Gerald Farinas

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One pastor defended lifetime imprisonment of gay men in Uganda

Mayor Eric Adams, only two months into his term, angered progressive New York City residents as he named three anti-LGBTQ Christian pastors to his new administration.

Ex-city councilman Fernando Cabrera, who has a significant Christian following, will advise the mayor at the Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships.

Gilford Monrose, a Brooklyn-based preacher, has also been named to the office.

Another Brooklyn-based preacher, Erick Salgado, will be the new assistant commissioner in the Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Cabrera, Monrose, and Salgado have made notable public statements against specifically gay men from their pulpits.

Carbrera supported lifetime imprisonment for gay men in Uganda, as passed by their national legislative body and given the imprimatur of their homophobic president.

Monrose declared that being gay is a chosen lifestyle that can be denied with the acceptance of Jesus.

Salgado said that marriage is only sanctified by God and can only happen between one man and one woman in order to create a family.

Adams' move has been met with protest by fellow Democrats. Groups have rallied in front of City Hall calling for the mayor to correct his decision.

The new mayor, a former New York City policeman, refuses to budge and defends his pick of advisors.