Orange County NC school board votes to protect LGBTQ books

Sun. February 6, 2022 5:53 PM by Gerald Farinas

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Vice chair said, 'I don't ban books'

Bucking a nationwide trend, North Carolina's Orange County Board of Education voted unanimously to keep three LGBTQ books opposed by parents. 

Gender QueerLawn Boy, and Out of Darkness, are three titles that have been thrown out by other school districts with parents claiming they are obscene and inappropriate for children.

The American Library Association has defended the books, which have won several awards for their content.

Orange County schools superintendent said that the Board should keep the books for at least another two years.

The school board went further and voted to keep the books indefinitely.

Brenda Stephens of Orange County schools responded to the situation, "As a librarian, I don't ban books."

The banning of LGBTQ books has become a popular issue with conservative voters opposed to certain racial and sexual minority themes. Candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections at all levels of governance are increasingly adding the issue to their talking points.

Correction: Previously, this article mentioned Orange County, Calif. This story takes place in Orange County, NC.