Mexico's Supreme Court says gays can adopt kids

Mon. August 16, 2010 3:52 PM by News Staff

Mexico City - On Monday, Mexico's Supreme Court upheld a law that allows gays and lesbians to adopt children.

The justices voted 9-2.

Federal prosecutors and other opponents had argued that the law failed to adequately protect children and to maintain a child's right to a traditional family.

The same court voted by the same margin earlier this month to continue to allow gay marriages in Mexico City.

Hundreds of LGBT couples have married in Mexico City since the law was enacted. So far, none have applied to be adoptive parents, but the court said the two rights are related.

Gays and lesbians cannot get married in other parts of Mexico, but the court said their marriages must be legally recognized.

The Roman Catholic church opposed the law, and the Associated Press reported that the judges agreed unanimously to condemn a Cardinal's claims that the judges must have been paid off.