James Fox headlines Hydrate's XXX Edition of Sunday Funday, Nov. 14

Thu. November 11, 2021 9:33 AM by Ross Forman

james fox

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‘I’m very excited; I’ve never headlined an event like this,’ Fox says

Hydrate Nightclub brings an XXX Edition of Sunday Funday on Nov. 14, when adult star James Fox dresses up as the host for the afternoon shenanigans.

Well, we know he won’t be wearing much clothing, that’s a given.

“I’m overdressed when I have a thong on,” he said, laughing, adding that he likely will be wearing a body harness.

And if he’s wearing shoes, that’s formal for him.

The beats that Sunday will be delivered by VJ George G – and proof of vaccination is required to enter Hydrate, located in Lakeview at 3458 N. Halsted Street.

“I’m very excited; I’ve never headlined an event like this,” Fox said. “This is trippy, fun and exciting. I don’t take myself too seriously, so, to see myself on a poster and (promotional) photo, it’s surprising.  It’s trippy and weird to see your face on a poster.

“I love to socialize with people. I’m fun and entertaining. That’s what I’ll bring (to the role). People often view adult actors as stuck-up, or (think that) they only talk to Only Fans members or other in the industry.  But that largely is not true, certainly not true for me.

“I have been told that I’m a good dancer, but I feel like I’m a ridiculous dancer. At the very least you’ll see some fun moves. Maybe people will think they are good, maybe not.”

Fox is an Atlanta resident who landed the gig through his partner, Jose Baggett, who formerly worked at Hydrate.

“I’m really just looking forward to having a chill, fun time, to meet people. Hey, any excuse to day-drink, I am there,” Fox said.

Fox and Baggett have known each other for a little more than a year and have been dating for a few months. “The real James is a genuine, sweet, honest person who will literally give you the shirt off his back, if it will make you happy,” Baggett said. “(When) I met him, he completely changed my life for the better.”

Fox said he likely will tap into a tequila or vodka drink during his stop at Hydrate, perhaps a tequila sunrise or vodka cranberry. “I’m a tequila fan,” Fox said. “Vodka always has a special place in my heart because, when you’re a poor college student, cheap vodka is popular. Hopefully I won’t get any cheap vodka at Hydrate.”

Fox said past visits to Hydrate have always been memorable, thanks to the customers and the employees. “I always have had a good time, a fun time, a night to remember. Hopefully, I can add to that,” he said.

Stripping Down …. With James Fox

His porn career and Only Fans account are his full-time jobs.

-He is a PhD candidate who enjoys research. His PhD is in social justice, particularly, race and gender.

-Enjoys playing video games, such as, Fortnight.

-His dog is a dachshund/chihuahua mix.

-He enjoys driving, including long-distance trips. “I find it very relaxing and fun.”

-Is an avid gardener. “I joke that I have old-lady tastes, but that’s only because my grandmother taught me how to garden. I love petunias and snapdragons – both of which are old-lady plants.”

-Started in porn in 2019.

-(Not So) Memorable Scene: “It was a beautiful, sunny day and we were filming in an open field. Everyone thinks (sex) scenes are so cool and romantic. Let me tell you, when you’re having sex for six hours in an open field, with farmers driving by, getting sunburned … and since I was (bottoming), the grass was cutting into my back, so it looked like I was getting flogged.  The video looks great, but it was as if I was getting tortured in a field.”

-The Quote: “My family all knows about my career, and everyone is incredibly supportive. But my mom gets very upset with me, to this day, that I will not tell her my porn name.”