Wife of British PM tells Conservative Party to back trans rights

Tue. October 5, 2021 7:01 PM by Gerald Farinas

carrie johnson with husband boris greeting japan's premier

photo credit // wikimedia commons government of japan

Carrie Johnson is entering a divisive debate among Tories

Carrie Johnson, wife of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is making the case for her party to embrace transgender rights. The Conservative Party, historically known in Britain as the Tories, are currently divided on the issue and debate over it is at its most heated.

Mrs. Johnson appeared at the party conference insisted that hate crimes based on LGBTQ identity is a "fact of life."

Trans issues have hit the Tories with the presence of the LGB Alliance. Noticeably absent from its name is the "T" for transgender persons. The group lobbies for Britons "whose rights in law are based on sexual orientation not gender identity."

The question of trans inclusion was also put on the forefront when UK Health Secretary Sajid David dismissed transgender persons in a comment about women's health.

Mrs. Johnson spoke outside the conference noting, "Around the world, being [LGBTQ] is still a crime in 71 countries. In 11 countries, it is punishable by death just because of who you love."

She continued, "None of this is acceptable, obviously, and it is up to all of us to stand up and say so as loudly as we can."

Under the UK form of government, the Prime Minister could call for legislation protecting trans rights by inserting the language in The Queen's Speech, the speech Queen Elizabeth II makes at the opening of Parliament from her throne.