Internet sensation Davey Wavey celebrates 15 years of sex-positive content

Tue. September 28, 2021 10:00 AM by Ross Forman

davey wavey

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Davey Wavey: 'I’m a sexual person. It’s on brand for me.'

Davey Wavey is getting ready to celebrate 15 years starring in online videos, often talking about gay sex, usually shirtless, mostly short, entertaining, informative content for YouTube and beyond.

The 38-year-old with the sculpted physique and charming smile, with homes in Palm Springs, Calif., and his native Rhode Island, is now the founder of – a site that pushes sex, sexuality, and new ways to experience pleasure, discover desires and express oneself in ways that bring joy and ecstasy. The wide-ranging content on was co-created with a team of sex coaches, tantric instructors, psychotherapists, sexologists, world-class directors, talented cinematographers, and models who embody sexual ecstasy.

“I can’t believe it’s been 15 years … what a journey,” Wavey said. “A lot has changed in those 15 years, but one thing has stayed the same: I’ve always created content about the things that interest me. I’ve followed my passion all along, and that’s probably why my heart is still in the work that I do after all these years. What’s alive for me now is creating videos about sex and sexuality; that’s where my focus is today. Some of that content is on YouTube, and much of it is on my erotic website,”

Davey Wavey videos have hit on almost every possible topic that gay men can conceive, and then some. His most popular video in terms of view counts is a documentary about porn star Max Adonis – with more than 39 million views and counting. “It’s a raw and vulnerable look into the life and mind of a popular porn star,” Wavey said. “We often objectify these men, so it’s nice to see the person behind the performer.

“When I started (producing videos), my content was lightly sexual. I’d touch on sexual topics here and there, but it wasn’t until the last few years that things have become a lot more titillating. To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me. I’m a sexual person. It’s on brand for me. What would surprise me is if I started making videos about makeup tutorials or basketball.”

Davey Wavey launched in 2018 and the site is now approaching its fourth anniversary. He is more than proud of where it’s gone and where it continues to go. continues to find new and exciting ways to explore sexuality through explicit video content.

“ is my baby,” he said with pride. “I think people are surprised to learn that I produce each video, that I oversee the creation of video concepts, that I hire each model and sex coach. I even upload the videos to for distribution. Though we work with over a hundred talented people to make possible, it all goes through my desk.

“ isn’t just another porn site. It’s a sexual playground of exploration and discovery wherein we work with the world’s best gay sex coach, tantric instructors, and intimacy coordinators to create gorgeous videos that enhance the viewer’s experience of sex and sexuality.

“We like to say that it’s like porn, but better.”

He added: “I love watching people react to their first video. Our videos are beautiful, but deeply authentic and vulnerable. It’s unlike anything most people have ever seen. I think most guys are bored with the same old porn. The truth is, most porn companies are serving the same thing over and over. The faces might be different, but the bodies, the locations, the storylines and the action are all the same. At a certain point, it becomes a bit numbing. Deep down, I think most of us know that there’s so much more to our sexuality than seeing two gay-for-gay performers bang their bodies together.”

“I think the reason gay men like is because it’s an invitation to step into something different and exciting. It’s an opportunity to learn about intimacy, connection, pleasure, your partner, yourself and the world around you.” delivers plenty of well-known porn stars, such as Diego Sans, Blake Mitchell and Calvin Banks, among others, plus countless Average Joes. delivers countless scenes, settings and sexual escapades.

“I love our porn star bill of rights,” Wavey said. “We created a policy to provide our models with post-filming mental health support and free counseling. We also pay livable wages, create drug-free filming sets, and ensure a fully consensual environment. Because we’re asking our performers to be authentic and vulnerable, it’s important that they first feel safe.”

Davey Wavey confirmed that just finished a project with a former Catholic priest turned sex coach. “The project was all about reclaiming sacred symbols and imagery and healing the wounds and trauma caused by religion among gay and bisexual men,” he said. “We did all of that through hot man-on-man action. It doesn't get better than that. The series is called ‘Sacred Sex’ and the first scene, called Baptism, was released on September 6.”

Davey Wavey said the pandemic did, naturally, drive more eyes to, as more people were home for longer periods of time. But the pandemic also brought a production challenge, including COVID protocol on set and fewer international shoots. “(The pandemic) has made things more complicated, that’s for sure. But the pandemic has made all of us ask difficult questions about ourselves, our work and our place in the world,” Wavey said.

Davey Wavey spent most of the summer in his native Rhode Island, but is now back on the West Coast and is prepping for an in-person tantric retreat for vaccinated individuals back on the East Coast.

The first-ever Himeros Experience is October 2-7 in upstate New York and though it is sold out, a waitlist has been started – and the event is held in partnership with Tantra4GayMen.

Facilitated by tantric sex coach Jason Tantra, The Himeros Experience is a transformative week of sexual evolution for gay and bisexual men, with workshops, play shops and more to increase pleasure, build community and evolve your experience of sex and sexuality.

“The Himeros Experience is an opportunity to unplug and decompress while exploring your sexuality in a fun, supportive environment,” Wavey said.

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