Missing YouTuber, fiance not tied to lesbian couple's deaths in Utah; double-murder still mystery

Fri. September 17, 2021 6:22 PM by Gerald Farinas

kylen schulte and chrystal turner were murdered in utah

photo credit // facebook kylen schulte

YouTuber's fiance Brian Laundrie was considered a possible lead to the double-homicide of Kylen Schulte and Chrystal Turner

The Grand County, Utah sheriff's office announced that it is ruling out an earlier announced possibility that the disappearance of YouTuber Gabby Petito might be tied to the double-homicide of a lesbian couple. 

Petito and her fiance Brian Laundrie were at the same La Sal Mountains campsite where recently-married couple Chrystal Turner and Kylen Schulte had been murdered last week.

According to Petito's family, they last spoke to her at the end of August.

Mid-August, Petito and Laundrie were questioned by police over suspicion of domestic violence. Moab Police Department said that no charges were filed by either party.

The FBI has joined the investigation as police try to use electronic data and witness statements to trace Petito's travels and possible current whereabouts. They now are in posession of the van used for the affianced couple's cross-country trip.

Laundrie was found at home in North Port, Florida where protesters have gathered to press him to speak to investigators. He is currently labeled as a "person of interest."

Petito's family has been urged by legal counsel not to discuss her relationship with Laundrie with the media.

Teton County, Wyoming sheriff's office is currently conducting a physical search in the Grand Teton National Park for Petito.

Chrystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were camping near Moab, Utah.

The pair were last seen on August 13 in Moab at Woody's Tavern.

A friend, Cindy Sue Hunter, went looking for the missing couple.

She came upon Schulte, shot several times.

"Her arms and legs were at an awkward angle and I went into shock that moment," she told local and national media.

Moab Police Department said that Hunter called them to report the grisly scene.

Turner's remains were found later.

The Grand County, Utah sheriff's office said that the couple had reached out to friends about a suspicious man where they set up camp and had considered moving.

With no persons of interest and few leads at hand, the double-homicide remains a unsolved.