Glen Ellyn, Ill. teacher under investigation for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights lessons

Sat. September 4, 2021 11:34 AM by Gerald Farinas

student with an lgbtq message on backpack

photo credit // delia giandeini

Teacher shares inclusive books, materials on Tik Tok account

Glen Ellyn School District 41 in suburban Chicago is investigating a third-grade teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School for Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ material in her lessons. Conservative activists are calling it "indoctrination."

District 41 says it is reviewing the matter after community members sent emails against the teacher, arguing that they don't want those lessons taught to schoolchildren.

"District 41 has become aware of social media posts by a staff member that have surfaced," Superintendent Dr. Melissa Kaczhowski said in a letter to parents. "The district is aware of these posts and is in the midst of an investigation in collaboration with our legal counsel."

However, District 41 notes that there were messages in support of the teacher.

Jennifer Huard, a parent, told WMAQ-TV, "Representation matters."

"These kids need to see their lives represented in the classroom, as well. It's not just mom and dad or a white family or whatever it is. It's really everything nowadays," she said.

The teacher did not break any laws.