Kathy Griffin reveals cancer diagnosis

Mon. August 2, 2021 9:31 AM by GoPride.com News Staff

kathy griffin

photo credit // facebook.com/kathygriffin

‘I’ve never smoked!’: Kathy Griffin diagnosed with lung cancer

Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin has revealed that she has stage one lung cancer.

Griffin, 60, is having surgery Monday to have half of her left lung removed, she tweeted early Monday morning.

“Yes, I have lung cancer even though I've never smoked!” Griffin said.

She added that she is hoping for no chemotherapy or radiation and normal breathing function after her surgery.

“I should be up and running around as usual in a month or less […]I'm gonna be just fine,” she said.

Griffin, a strong LGBTQ ally, went on to encourage people to stay up to date on medical check-ups.

“It'll save your life,” she wrote.