The SoFo Tap delays reopening due to pandemic supply chain strain

Wed. July 28, 2021 3:45 PM by Gerald Farinas

the sofo tap

photo credit // 2bears tavern group

Beer, liquor, and soft drink suppliers are having a hard time with inventory

2Bears Tavern Group announced that they will delay its much-anticipated reopening of The Sofo Tap in Andersonville. Owners are frustrated that materials and supplies needed to open their doors are hard to come by.

The favorite neighborhood watering hole was slated to reopen on July 29.

The SoFo Tap, 4923 N. Clark St., popular for their leather and bear following, DILF night, and rock 'n' roll karaoke, said in a statement, "As they say, good things come to those who wait."

"Like most everyone, as a result of COVID, we've been slowed down by materials and product unavailability, shipping delays, and contractors and suppliers not having enough labor to meet the surge in demand as businesses have restarted operations," 2Bears explained.

"As soon as we get firm commitments from our key suppliers, we will announce the new reopening date for The Sofo Tap."

The SoFo Tap isn't the only business hurting from lack of supplies.

Up and down the supply chain, there have been a lack of workers at factories, lack of employees to direct and distribute products and material, lack of truck drivers to move products between factories and distribution centers, and from there, deliver to point of sale locations like The SoFo Tap.

A reduction in available aluminum and glassware have caused price jumps for certain products like beer and soft drinks. Consumers have already noticed lack of stock and heftier prices in grocery stores for beer, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr Pepper Keurig products.

Larger companies with more capital were able to buy out large amounts of inventory before smaller businesses could make their orders.

2Bears is confident that their loyal patrons have not forgotten them.

A fan commented on Facebook, "I was worried you might not [open] given that so many others [are] closing permanently."

2Bears replied, "We will reopen."

The tavern group also owns nearby Meeting House Tavern, 5025 N. Clark St. It is open for business. They also plan to open 2Bears Tavern Uptown, 1140 W. Wilson St., in the Fall. Both are also branded as LGBTQ establishments.