Chicago Filmmakers, Reeling present 'Spirit of Chicago 11' virtual mini film fest

Thu. June 17, 2021 6:58 AM by Gerald Farinas

go go, boy! is directed by oriana oppice

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Chicago Filmmakers is joining up with Reeling—the organizers of the LGBTQ international film festival of the same name—to present Spirit of Chicago 11.

The 2021 iteration of the annual series is entitled, “With Love, Reeling.”

The featured short films—one runs only 2 minutes, while the longest run 9 minutes—will be available online from June 21 to 27.

The six films have been featured at previous Reeling film festivals.

Go Go, Boy! is directed by Oriana Oppice and runs 6 minutes long.

The short follows “a Black LGBTQ youth as he discovers his place in the world through his private world of dance.”

Happy Valentine's Day is directed by Judy Febles and runs 2 minutes long.

“A 10-year-old girl is making a Valentine's Day card for her crush,” Chicago Filmmakers explains. “Her mother wants to know for who, so she snatches it from her daughter to discover it's not what she thinks.”

Forever is directed by Lydia Smyth and runs 9 minutes long.

“Kacey tries to rekindle her first love with Sam, but comes to an inevitable realization,” Chicago Filmmakers shares.

Something Different is directed by Anna Rose Li-Epstein and runs 7 minutes long.

“Two young women fall in love at first sight in Something Different, a musical 48 hour film project made in Chicago.”

48 hour films, in the cinematic arts, are literally written, shot, and edited in a single weekend.

Our Transition is directed by Connor O'Keefe and runs 9 minutes long.

“The filmmaker explores his transition to male and coming out at 13 years old by reliving the experience through the perspective of his parents,” organizers explain the film.

The last film in the annual series is The One You Never Forget directed by Morgan J. Fox. It runs 8 minutes.

“Carey nervously prepares for his first dance as his parents reminisce about their own. When Carey's mother tasks his father with getting a picture of Carey and his date, tension arises as Carey tries to thwart his father's objective.”

This film was a winner of the Reeling Jury Award for Best Narrative Short.

Tickets are available through

Suggested donations run from as little as $3 on up.

“The proceeds will benefit the filmmakers included in the program,” organizers said.