American Academy of Pediatrics study: 1 in 10 teens are 'gender diverse'

Sat. May 29, 2021 11:43 AM by Gerald Farinas

study: 1 in 10 teens are ‘gender diverse’

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The American Academy of Pediatrics—the premiere authority for pediatricians—published a study that helps shed a better light on the number of youth in America's cities identify as 'gender diverse.'

Pediatrics—the journal of the AAP—pored over 3,168 student surveys in 13 high schools of the Pittsburgh Public Schools system.

The study decided to reframe questions from previous studies, by various authorities. They posited that some students do not identify as 'transgender' but rather identify by some other name for their identity.

Some students might, in the 'trans' family of identities, identify as 'nonbinary,' or 'genderqueer.'

The study found that over 9 percent identified differently from their biological sex.

30 percent identified as within the transmale family of identities while 39 percent identified as within the transfemale family.

31 percent of students surveyed said they were 'nonbinary.'

The AAP admits that previous studies lowballed the number of transgender persons because they were using terminology that the subjects were not using to identify themselves.

NBC News reported that previous studies identified only 2 percent of students identified as transgender.

While the study is not indicative of the entire nation, it does provide insight into how much larger the number of gender diverse persons might be in a more comprehensive study.

The study comes at the heels of 31 states legislating bans on transgender participation in sports and attempts to make it more difficult for youth to receive gender affirming medical interventions—even with a doctor and family's support.