"My Dog Skip" To Come Out On VHS And DVD

Wed. May 10, 2000 12:00 AM by Business Wire

Burbank, CA - On July 11, Warner Home Video (WHV) and Alcon Entertainment will release the irresistible box-office hit "My Dog Skip" on VHS and DVD.

This humorous and touching comedy about a loving friendship between a boy and his dog is sure to be a favorite of both children and parents alike.

"My Dog Skip" had critics wagging their tails. Gene Shalit of the "Today Show" called it, "A grown up movie for adults that young people will cherish." Jeffrey Lyons of WNBC-TV said that "My Dog Skip" was his choice for best picture of the year. "It will have you sitting up and begging for more," said Joel Siegel, "Good Morning America."

The story follows young Willie Morris as he transitions from a sheltered, nine-year-old boy to a confident young man who discovers the wonders of growing up, with the help of his best friend, a fun-loving terrier named Skip.

"My Dog Skip" is based on the best-selling memoir from award-winning author Willie Morris. This powerful and heart-warming family film features a top-dog cast, including Frankie Muniz (star of the popular hit TV series "Malcolm in the Middle"), Kevin Bacon ("Apollo 13," "The River Wild"), Diane Lane ("The Perfect Storm," "A Walk on the Moon") and Luke Wilson ("Home Fries," "Blue Streak").

Rising young actor Muniz offers a compelling performance as Willie Morris. Bacon portrays Willie's father, Jack Morris, a stern yet kind-hearted war veteran, and Lane plays his strong-willed, loving mother who strives to give her son the freedom that his strict father does not always allow.

"My Dog Skip" opened nationwide March 3 as the number-one family film on more than 2,400 screens and remained the country's number-one family film for the next three weeks. The film grossed more than $35 million total at the box office.

"`My Dog Skip' is a rare gem of a movie," said Clare Lukasik, director, Family Entertainment, Warner Home Video. "We expect consumers to embrace the home video and DVD release as much as they have the theatrical release."

Consumers will receive a $5 mail-in rebate when they purchase both "My Dog Skip" and one of the following Warner Bros. Family Entertainment titles: "National Velvet," "Lassie Come Home," "The Yearling," "Shiloh" or "Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season."

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