CircuitMOM Podcast Shares Untold Stories Of Industry DJs

Thu. January 21, 2021 8:30 AM by Ross Forman


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’… the stories that I have heard from our guests on CircuitPOD have been fascinating,’ said CircuitSON

With 25 years of experience working with DJs, clubs, promoters, artists and circuit parties, Matthew Harvat has long been asked to share some stories.

At least the stories that don't cross the line of morality too far.

So Harvat – aka, CircuitMOM of CircuitMOM Productions – has the CircuitPOD podcast to entertain, educate, inform and, of course, bring some laughs.

CircuitPOD was a no brainer, said Edwin Martinez, aka, CircuitSON.

“So many of the people who come to our events just know the DJs because of their music; they don't know the person inside the DJ booth," Martinez said. “We've come to idolize DJs and put them on stages and surround them with shiny lights and dancers, but no one really knows their story. To me, the stories that I have heard from our guests on CircuitPOD have been fascinating. I love learning the history of where their music and sound came from and how they used technology that is ancient now to create the classic sounds that we all love today.”

CircuitPOD is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play and anywhere podcasts are available.

“Before the pandemic started, we were on a steady schedule of producing podcasts to release every two weeks. Once all the uncertainty hit in March, we stopped recording the episodes for a few reasons. No one was sure if we could gather in a closed-in space safely and we felt we should not spend the money for the studio and production team to record and edit the episodes. Plus, I didn't feel like I would have the right energy to interview our guests and stay upbeat,” Harvat said. “We've also had potential guests decline to be interviewed because they were not in the right headspace with all of the COVID chaos and industry shutdowns.”

CircuitPOD resumed late last fall, “and it has been so much fun,” Harvat said.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know our guests even better, most of whom I have worked with for a decade or more,” he said. “Everyone has been so much fun and eager to hop online to chat. We usually record for over two hours, then edit the session into two episodes, adding music clips and other effects.”

CircuitPOD recently featured DJ Tony Moran, and current podcasts spotlight Micky Friedmann and Hector Fonseca.

In addition, CircuitMOM Productions filmed two more “CircuitMOM Takes Over The Interwebs” virtual dance parties and are in the process of editing the visual performances that go along with these online events. Once finished, they land on MOM's Vimeo page.

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