Molly Pinta Takes Advocacy Worldwide With Message To United Nations Town Hall

Sun. October 11, 2020 5:15 PM by Ross Forman

molly pinta with parents carolyn and bob

photo credit // mitzvah photography by annette leibovitz

Molly Pinta and family celebrates National Coming Out Day

Molly Pinta continued her advocacy for the LGBTQ community Friday morning on a worldwide stage – in between her virtual learning as a 14-year-old freshman at Stevenson High School in northwest suburban Lincolnshire.

Pinta, who spearheaded the inaugural Buffalo Grove Pride in her hometown in 2019, spoke during the Girls' Rights Townhall, organized by the United Nations as part of the annual International Day of the Girl.

She spoke during a Diversity and Inclusion: Race, Sexuality and Equity segment.

Pinta said it was “such a cool experience to hear from other girls around the world. It is also very strange and unique because I know not all of their governments would support the work that I do with the LGBTQ community.”

Pinta was one of four American teen activists in the Town Hall and she talked about BG Pride and how it has supported the LGBTQIA+ community in the village. Other participants were from Afghanistan, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, Uganda, Canada and Turkey.

One of the sponsors of the event had seen Pinta's story and reached out, she said.

Pinta said she is “so exciting to know that the issues I represent are in the forefront of what folks in power know need support.”

She also spoke about the support needed for the Black trans community.

Her speech was 2 ½ minutes. The question she posed to the UN was, What do you, as world leaders, plan to do to help trans girls worldwide who do not have equal protection under the law?

The event was held via Zoom.

“Now more than ever, women must fight to be heard. Like Kamala (Harris) said (during this week's vice-presidential debate), 'I am speaking!'” Pinta said.

Pinta and her family then celebrated National Coming Out Day on Saturday during an event open to the public.

The 3-hour event was held outside their Buffalo Grove home, with rainbow treats and swag, photo-ops and more.

“We always have an enormous Coming Out Day Celebration with hundreds of people; it is our second biggest event. (We're) crushed not to do anything and had to do something that was safe,” Pinta said.

Balloons by Tommy decorated the event.

“During this time of quarantine, we have really been using the Facebook group to try to connect teens to each other for support. I held a zoom with a bunch of queer teens who then were able to exchange numbers to text and keep in contact,” Pinta said.

Visit or, on Facebook, at BG Pride.