`Dinosaur' Roars to Life Online

Thu. May 4, 2000 12:00 AM by Business Wire

North Hollywood, CA - All of the action and excitement of Walt Disney Pictures' upcoming theatrical release, "Dinosaur," comes to life online at www.dinosaur.go.com.

Designed to help celebrate the May 19 release of this new species of film, the "Dinosaur" Web site will give visitors a special hands-on experience of the amazing technology used to create this groundbreaking film. The site also features a movie trailer, electronic greeting cards, and great information about characters from the film.

"Dinosaur" combines computer generated characters with live-action backgrounds to create a stunning photo-realistic look. Two live-action crews traveled the world capturing dramatic vistas which were blended together to recreate the prehistoric world of the late Cretaceous. At the "Dinosaur" Web site, surfers can take an interactive trip around the globe and see photos from the exotic locales which were used to create the live-action background plates.

Continuing the sneak peek into the technology of "Dinosaur," visitors to the Web site will learn how the various elements of the film were composited together to create the final product. With the "Scene Builder," guests can turn layers on and off to add or remove characters and special effects. Once finished, guests can click the "play" button and watch the scene they just created come to life.

The "Dinosaur" Web site will give guests the unique opportunity to animate a dinosaur foot. Aspiring computer animators can use various controls to manipulate the foot and see just how much work goes into animating a computer-generated character. The site also features two video clips which offer more behind-the-scenes information about the creation of the dinosaurs and special effects in the film. Once guests are done with their behind-the-scenes-tour, they can download the movie trailer and see the finished product.

Younger visitors to the "Dinosaur" site will enjoy sending "D-Cards" to their friends. These electronic greeting cards feature photos of each character and a mini-bio as well. Kids will also love the fascinating dinosaur sounds which play while creating their D-Card.

Online guests are also invited to enter the "Dinosaur" themed Disney.com Magic Sweepstakes. One lucky First Prize winner will take home a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture of the film's lead character, Aladar, valued at $5,000. From now through July 2, five new contestants each week will also receive a Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center CD-ROM from Disney Interactive. No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes.

While "Dinosaur" is a technical wonder, it is the terrific story and endearing characters which make the film an instant classic. The Dinosaur Web site offers guests information about each character, including their species name, a rotating 3D rendering and a chart which compares each dinosaur's size to that of a human.

"Dinosaur" follows the journey of Aladar, a young Iguanodon raised by lemurs, and a herd of misfit dinosaurs who are forced to find a new home after a meteor wreaks havoc on their world. It's an action-packed story of courage and friendship that is sure to appeal to moviegoers of all ages. "Dinosaur" opens in theaters nationwide on May 19.

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