300 Incredible Things For Kids on the Internet

Thu. May 4, 2000 12:00 AM by Business Wire

Atlanta, GA - Kids (ages 5-12) and Teens (ages 13-18) are the two largest growing sectors on the Internet. Approximately 8.6 million kids and 8.4 million teens were online in 1998, and by 2002, there will be 21.9 million kids and 16.6 million teens online (Source: Jupiter Communications). While kids just want to have fun on the Internet, all parents want to provide a safe cyberspace experience.

300Incredible.com LLC, an Atlanta-based publishing company (www.300Incredible.com), has successfully met these needs with 300 Incredible Things For Kids on the Internet, authored by Mr. Internet, Ken Leebow. In fact, this book is so popular that, for the second consecutive year, it received the Amazon Best Seller Award. With over one billion Web sites in existence, 300Incredible.com's mission is to present the most incredible sites, while cutting the clutter on the Internet saving readers time and energy. 300 Incredible Things For Kids on the Internet, with a suggested retail price of $8.95, helps kids to navigate the Internet in a simpler, more productive manner. Author Ken Leebow says, "Gather the kids around the computer and enjoy the Internet. As they explore, they will discover incredible sites for every subject area. New and experienced users will benefit from the resources available in this book. Go ahead; power up, click that mouse and beam aboard."

Teachers and parents will also find Ken Leebow's latest book, 300 Incredible Things To Learn On The Internet, co-authored with Robyn Spizman, a valuable tool to become more involved in their children's education and learning. They can log onto sites such as www.eblast.com, where Encyclopedia Britannica makes being on the Net easier, www.surfnetkids.com, with interesting things for kids to do on the Net, and a weekly e-mail filled with timely activities for kids and www.younginvestor.com, which discusses monetary issues for teenagers. According to the authors, "This book was written as a guide for parents, teachers and students who want the best Internet sites on topics ranging from Acronyms to Almanacs, Dictionaries to Dinosaurs, and Pen Pals to Presidents. An ideal resource for homework and research projects, this book fast-tracks kids to log on and learn."

To date, over one million consumers have already purchased books from the 300 Incredible book series, which makes surfing the Net easier and more fun. Having spent thousands of hours of time on the Internet, Ken Leebow has reported his findings extensively in the media including appearances on CNN's Talk Back Live, CNN's College Television Network, CNN Interactive, Fox Family News, USA Radio, WCNN, WSB Radio, and in newspapers across the country including USA Today and The Atlanta Journal & Constitution.

Ken also serves as Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA-TV's Internet Connection Expert.

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