Boy George calls preferred pronouns 'attention seeking'; denies being transphobic

Fri. January 10, 2020 8:00 AM by

Out British singer Boy George has denied that he's transphobic after calling preferred pronouns "a modern form of attention seeking."

The 58-year-old Boy George, the lead singer of Culture Club, is known for his androgynous appearance.

"Leave your pronouns at the door!" George said in a tweet.

"Do you know what the f**k pronouns are?" an upset fan asked in a now-deleted tweet.

"A modern form of attention seeking?" George replied.

When another follower called his comments "quite ridiculous," George replied: "You must refer to me as 'Napoleon' and that's as ridiculous as it gets! I used the ladies toilet throughout the 80s!"

As criticism grew, George tweeted: "There's nothing 'phobic' about Miss Boy George! Nish! Nada!"

He later uploaded a video of himself wearing false eyelashes. "I'm loving that you can choose bigger eyelashes because I'm really phobic. Years of phobia. As if! You ridiculous people."

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