Gus Kenworthy 'saddened' by homophobic remarks against LGBT ski event

Thu. March 28, 2019 12:24 PM by

Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy on Tuesday responded to homophobic comments left on a Twitter post promoting an LGBT ski event in Colorado.

Breckenridge Ski Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado posted an image of skiers carrying a rainbow flag down a slope to promote its upcoming Breck Pride Week.

Kenworthy reposted the original post along with several homophobic comments, several of which suggested being gay was not "normal."

"Okay, my question is, why don't we have a straight event for those who are straight, why does being lgbt make you more special than anyone else?" one user wrote.

"I wonder when is 'normal' people parade?" another user wrote.

"Always saddened by the homophobia on Pride posts," Kenworthy wrote. "If seeing a rainbow flag while you're on vacation upsets you, then please do the world a favor and stay the fuck at home. Thank you to the many ski resorts that designate a week to making more people feel welcome, included, & safe."

Breck Pride Week takes place April 3-7.

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