Chicago's legendary Crobar Nightclub closes Saturday

Sat. April 17, 2010 12:00 AM by Brett Anthony

gay-themed anthem at crobar in 2003

photo credit // dave ouano

The Last Dance party is tonight, April 17

Chicago, IL - Chicago's legendary Crobar Nightclub will officially close tonight after "The Last Dance" celebration.

Crobar Chicago was made famous by celebrity clientele such as Dennis Rodman and Bill Corgan. Rodman will help close the club tonight when he hosts the party.

"The music was dirty, deep, louder than hell, full of bass and progressive while the massive LGBT crowds filled every sweaty corner and partied along side the likes of Dennis Rodman, Jeremy Piven and Carmen Electra," recalled promoter Matthew Harvat who launched Circuit MOM at the nightclub in 1997. "Often, it was so packed and hot, the ceiling would drip rusty condensation, but no one complained, instead wore the rust stains as a badge of honor."

The nightclub, which opened in 1992 as the original in a chain of successful Crobar locations in New York City, Miami and Buenos Aires, has been a popular destination for Chicago's gay community.

Crobar Chicago hosted G.L.E.E. Club which became a Sunday night institution for 10 years, making it the longest running gay-themed weekly party in Chicago.

"G.L.E.E. Club stood for gays lesbian everyones equal," says Box Boy Rich, who worked G.L.E.E. for 8 of the 10 years. "I would plan all my vacations around coming back on Sunday nights for G.L.E.E. Club since it was such a fun crazy party."

After it's remodel in 2003, Crobar Chicago was home to the gay-themed Anthem Sundays which was produced by G.L.E.E. creator Paolo Pincente and Harvat.

Crobar Chicago also hosted well-attended gay events and parties such as SuperStar Sundays on Market Days, Pride, IML, Labor Day and Halloween.

"I just wish the younger generation would attended more events like these and really let loose and party in such the welcoming atmosphere that was the original G.L.E.E. Club," Box Boy Rich, told

The parties featured world-renowned DJs, including Timo Maas, Tony Moran, Joe Gauthreaux, Ralphi Rosario, Lydia Prim, Tracy Young, Manny Lehman, Frankie Knuckles and Victor Calderone.

"Many amazingly talented people shared their passion for club culture and music with the world audience that came to revel in the Crobar mayhem.  Never one to follow, Crobar will always stand alone as an iconic treasure to the clubland creatures it crafted," said Harvat. 

"New York had Twilo, Tunnel, Paradise Garage and even a Crobar hybrid, but the original Crobar in Chicago, the one that gave me my start will forever remain the deep and dirty phantasmagorical vessel of music, muscle and memories which will never, ever be replaced in my heart".

The 6000 square foot space is reportedly to become a new club, The Vibe, which has yet to announce an opening date. 

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