Jeff Timmons In Chicago Nov 3rd and Nov 29th

Fri. October 31, 2003 12:00 AM by News Staff

His New Release to Coincide With National Grass Roots Promotional Tour

Chicago, IL - While other members of successful bands look to their major record labels to support their solo careers, (Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey and Nick Carter) Jeff Timmons, founding member of the multi-platinum selling group 98 DEGREES, is about to embark on his first solo venture apart from the famous foursome without label assistance. Timmons' new solo CD, "Whisper That Way," will be supported by a nationwide tour, cyber-promotional campaign and a lot of miles across the country in a 35-foot Winnebago - without a major record label. The CD is currently available online at and will be available at select mainstream retail locations September 9, 2003.

To coincide with the release of "Whisper That Way," select, exclusive retail partners will be the home for a nationwide promotional tour through December, where Jeff will perform mini-concerts and autograph copies for his legions of fans. "When we first started as 98 Degrees, the guys and I went cross country in a Winnebago, stopping in almost every major city for in-store and mall appearances, local TV and radio interviews and fan meet and greets," explains Jeff. "So, I figured since this is my first solo record I would do the same thing so I can meet and get as close to the fans as possible - and this time there will be more room on the Winnebago!"

"Whisper That Way" is an extremely personal album for Jeff as an artist. Being a fourth of the hit-making group 98 DEGREES provided a certain "safety" zone as an artist. "I really wanted to create this album on my own - from writing the songs, to producing the record - as it was my first chance to show my fans who I was as an artist," explains Timmons. "When you are part of a group it is an amazing collaborative effort but, it was definitely exciting (and nail-biting) to have all of the creative control and responsibility for this record. And, though being with a major label can have its advantages (mainly with financial support), by doing this on my own, I have been able to maintain the creative control and really have the chance to show people who I am as an artist, using my ‘voice’ without label politics."

"Whisper That Way" is immensely personal and it blends the beautiful vocal harmonies Jeff was known for during his 98 DEGREES days, this time using only his voice, with a mixture of pop, R&B and a few more adult contemporary songs. 98 DEGREES fans will be happy to know there are plenty of pop ballads as well, including the CD's first single and title track, "Whisper That Way." The 13 track CD, with all songs written and produced by Timmons, features the touching song about the birth of his son ("Baby J") that any parent will relate to; a vocal/piano duet with Adult Contemporary, platinum-selling pianist/songwriter, Jim Brickman ("Be The One"); and a few bonus remixes as well.

Jeff Timmons will perform an in-store concert and sign autographs at Borders in Evanston (1700 Maple Avenue). For More Info: 847-733-8852. Watch Jeff Monday Morning at 8 on Fox News in the Morning!

Jeff will also appear alongside Jim Brickman at Brickman's holiday concert tour at the Chicago Theatre on November 29, 2003.

A native of Ohio, Jeff currently resides in California with his wife Trish, and two children - son Jeffrey (a.k.a "Baby J") and daughter, Alyssa.

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