I am an '03 Northwestern graduate, living in Lakeview, working in the field of dermatology. I play the piano and violin, and have a great appreciation the impact of music in people's lives. I take very good care of my body - I eat healthy and lift weights most days of the week, though I love my cheat meals. I am recovering from a dual shoulder dislocation, so please don't punch me in the shoulders or pull on my arms. :-)

I appreciate honest, respectful, compassionate people who have a good outlook and/or perspective on life. I hate all the games and dishonesty rampant in the gay community. In a significant other, I am looking for someone who values love and takes it seriously.

I'm an '03 Northwestern graduate. I do gerontology research for a not-for-profit. I am very much into film, theatre, and music. One of my greatest joys in life is playing the violin.


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