In Pursuit of and Ideal...

October is come and I wait for you still
O nimble-footed nymph who slipped me when
I sighted you among some silly men
And charged you with the power of my will.
Headlong I charged to make a passionate kill,
Too easy, far too easy, I cried then,
You were not worth one drop from off my pen.
O flower of the common light, the thrill
Of common things raised up to angelhood
Leaped in your flirt-wild legs, I followed you
Through June July and August into September,
And still you kept your lead till passion's food
Went stale within my satchel. Now I woo
The footprints that you make across my October.

I finally found what I've been looking for-the truth. And now I am looking for a femme girl who knows what she wants. Someone with a lust for life that matches my own, to take on adventures and spoil with kisses (among other things). I am exciting, funny, smart, beautiful inside and out, and ready to meet that special person. My wild side keeps things fun and interesting, my intellectual side loves wants deep conversations with her into the wee hours of the night. I would write her poetry and sing her praises in front of a packed auditorium. I am strong, hang out with a few close friends and enjoy horror films. Let's take our time, tell me about yourself and lets see where it goes. Slowly getting to know you, the curve of your face, the different facets of your mind. What brings you joy. Care to share? Friendships are always welcomed. {In one hand dreams a plenty In her smile a secret spell There have been disappointments These she knows all too well ~Tori Amos} (more about me on my chicagpride profile)

Likes: Assertive women who are sweet, kind, compassionate, honest about their intentions and strong.

Turn-offs: Ignorance, racial slurs, inconsideration, women with bad hygiene, game players, women who say that they're gay but are secretely dating men (be upfront please, I don't mind bisexuals) and disrespectful people. Heavy smokers/drinkers need not apply.



Working out, spending time with family once a week, salsa/merengue dancing... music, music, music.. big Tori Amos fan, I also love The beatles, Everything but the girl, Depeche Mode,Bjork,Tricky, New Order, The Killers and anything by the vitamin string quartet. I read a lot of books, poetry, I write short stories and enjoy blogging my way out of emotional stress. I am communicative, outgoing, fun to be with and very expressive.

Favorite movies

Emma,Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, almost famous, the hours, pride and prejudice and punch drunk love.