This is going to be very easy for me because I know exactly what I do and don't want. What I am looking for is a strong, independent woman who communicates very easily. I am someone who likes to be asked questions and who loves to ask them in return. I want someone who is going to be playful as well as intimate, someone who is down to earth, open minded and kind. I want a woman without any attachments, a woman who is ambitious, goal oriented and determined like myself. I want a woman who is sweet, funny and sometimes creative. I demand respect, attention and consideration and I give the same equally in return. I prefer someone who is family oriented, latina and feminine. No smokers, No recreational drug users or alcoholics please. If you think you meet my criteria than don't be afraid to leave me a message.

Likes: Flirtatious glances, cleavage and curvy feminine women.

Turn-offs: Smokers, drug users, liars, bad hygiene, irresponsible mothers and people who don't like animals.

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