theatre guy. geekologist. adventurer.

Danny Bernardo is a contributing writer, columnist and social media specialist for GoPride. He is the creator of BOYSTOWN, a daily serial exclusive on GoPride as well as serving GoPride's Official Geekologist, and Backstage Pass. He has had the great pleasure of working as actor or on production with such companies as Goodman, Victory Gardens, About Face, Silk Road Rising, Porchlight, Lifeline, Collaboraction, and Bailiwick Chicago where he is a Collective Member. Along with studying theatre at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and Second City Chicago, he is a proud graduate of Columbia College Chicago and the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts.

More about Danny B: @that1guydannyb

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Favorite movies

geek-centric: scott pilgrim, kick ass, spider-man 1 & 2, x-men 1 & 2, captain america, star trek (reboot)

the rest: talented mr. ripley, brokeback mountain, the mostly unfabulous social life of ethan green, teen appocalypse trilogy by gregg araki (totally fucked up/doom generation/nowhere), heathers, my own private idaho, pleasantville, election, wonder boys, requiem for a dream, billy elliot, stand by me, cabaret, urbania, breaking the waves, welcome to the dollhouse, napoleon dynamite, opposite of sex, happy endings, donnie darko, alfie (jude law), shelter, hamlet 2

Favorite music

green day, jason mraz, ben folds (five), third eye blind (1st album), rufus wainwright, owl city, lou reed, elliot smith, n.e.r.d, surjan stevens, christopher dallman, eric himan, beck, violent femmes, beatles

Favorite food

sushi and in-n-out burger.

Favorite TV shows

BUFFY, angel, OZ, law & order: svu, true blood, south park, drawn together, strangers with candy, absolutely fabulous, top chef, family guy, unscripted, ugly betty, daria, kids in the hall, intervention, black donnellys, slings and arrows, tayong dalawa, hoarders, walking dead, once upon a time


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