Just little ol' me! Keep smiling!

I am just your fun loving, free spirited guy! I enjoy life, and want someone to enjoy it with. Is that too much to ask?

Likes: HONESTY! I want a guy who says it like it is. Someone who grabs hold of life, and enjoys the ride.

Turn-offs: Lack of sensitivity. Being on your cell phone during a date! UGH!

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I am a jack of all trades. I will try anything once! I love the Theatre & the arts. Hanging with friends, good movies, some good shopping. When money permits. Rolling down hills, chewing any flavor gum other than bubble gum, and dressing up like harry potter to name a few. ;-)

Favorite movies

Clue! That my favorite!. I love any cheesy 80's movie. Wierd Science all the way. And I won't fib. I love the fantasy movies. Harry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings. All that good stuff. And I am always up for a good sappy romance. Makes ya feel all warm and squishy.

Favorite music

Hmm. Well. I was a musical theatre person, so gotta love those showtunes. lol. I am pretty much up for anything I can tap my foot too. My family is from Ireland, so I really enjoy traditional irish music. Typical pop music. A little bit of country, MAYBE. and I love old standards, jazz, etc. And we can't forget about Classical.

Favorite food

PIZZA! YAY PIZZA! I actually love all kinds of foods, and I love trying new things!

Favorite TV shows

I love Family Guy. Anything that involves a makeover. People makeovers, house makeovers, wedding makeovers..all that fun stuff. And anything that has to do with ghosty stuff. :o)

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