just lookin for clubbing friends....

Ayt! What you should know about me are pretty much written all over the site, so if you have specific questions, feel free to send me a note. Just to add to what's obvious, I`m a pretty laid back kind of guy who likes to have a good time like everyone but doesn`t let the party scene take over my life. I keep things pretty balanced and healthy. One of my friends say that I'm the person to turn to when you just want to have a good time and really forget your problems. That's her opinion, but you are entitled to your own if you decide to do a meet up.

I graduated with a degree in geology and that's why I've been in so many places already. I love to travel and i love the outdoors especially the beach. It's just sad that there's no beach here in Illinois, there is but its the beach of the lake, I like the beach of the ocean. I like scuba diving as well as wakeboarding, again none in Illinois, well maybe wakeboarding somewhere in Wisconsin.

Just recently visited my home country and terribly missing it now especially winter is just around the corner. Would love to meet someone from Florida, Hawaii, or California or anybody who lives near the beach. I hate winter and snow.

I'm looking for anything here, not particularly sex but more of a friendship and if the connection is there then fire it up.

Likes: Likes well built men, athletic jocks, but please be grounded..just because you look good it doesn't mean that the whole universe already revolves around you.

Turn-offs: airheads,



As I've said in the above post, i love the beach, the outdoors but not in a midwest cold weather.
I like to go clubbing but again I don't let it control my life. I've got more important priorities in line but it doesn't hurt to hit a dance club from time to time.

Favorite movies

Pans Labyrinth, Hell Boy 1&2, Van Helsing, Hulk (Edward Norton), Iron Man, Transformers, I Am Legend...

Favorite music


Favorite food

Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek

Favorite TV shows

when they still have QAF, now i like to watch Prison Break, Fringe, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, 24 and believe it or not..Ugly Betty!