Enjoy the ride.

I can be a ponderer. Music and acting are my biggest passions and how I'm pursuing to make my dent in the world...hopefully a positive dent. I'm very open-minded, even if something initially shocks me, just give it time to resonate. I don't shun. I love Venice beach, I am a California native. Warm weather, salt-water and mountains make me very happy! I appreciate many things and value love and companionship above all. I'm attracted to more assertive men, with new ideas and numerous interests. Guy's who aren't afraid to voice their opinons but don't shut down those of others. This is a glimpse, feel free to hit me up!

I'm a ponderer. I get restless and sometimes impulsive. Life rarely makes sense to me but I do my best to fulfill all my dreams and live each moment completely.

Likes: open mind, good conversation, fierce will, sense of humor(of course), strong demeanor

Turn-offs: poor hygiene, ignorance/arrogance, immense talking w/out ever saying anything, passiveness, creepy people...stuff like that.



Acting, Music, Documentaries, Humanity, Individuals, Family/Friends, Outdoor Exploration...Indoor Exploration;), Anthropology, Philosophy, Space.

Favorite movies

The Red Balloon, Eternal Sunshine, Science of Sleep, Amelie, Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke. Love all genres. Especially anything horror and action.

Favorite music

Currently listening to Phoenix, Florence, Friendly Fires, Noisettes, Temper Trapp, Alicia Keys(Element) Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Andrew Bird, Goldfrapp, Justice, The Egg, Joshua James, Air, Beatles, Beck, Pink Floyd, Bird and the Bee, Brandi Carlile, Matt Costa, Cat Stevens, MGMT, M83, Gogol Bordello, M. Ward, Stars, Mother Mother, Roisin Murphy, Sam Roberts, Radiohead, Simon and Garfunkel, Willowz, Wilco.

Favorite food

Specifically pizza, curries, soups and anything wrapped in bread or tortillas...midnight burritos! I love Mexican cuisine, Spanish, Indian, and CUBAN!...plantains...yum. Basically love a little of everything. If it's fresh, authentic, and vegetarian...I'm happy.

Favorite TV shows

Dexter, Dead Like Me, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, United Sates of Tara, True Blood, Just Shoot Me and sometimes Murder She Wrote.