WHAT a whirlwind

I'm probably one of the very few people who will actually admit that I love writing out the biography section of profiles. Usually it makes me seem pretty stupid, so I apologize in advance for those that read on.

My name is Todd. I'm 23 years old and sad because I dread the day I will no longer be asked for my ID.

I am a recent grad from Illinois State with a B.S. in Public Relations (and still upset that the abbreviation for my degree is B.S.). goes on. Now I work for one of the coolest companies ever (in my opinion, at least). Warning: asking me what I do for a living will probably turn into one of those situations where you wish you didn't. I just love my job that much.

Now for some of my interests: I love music, photography, web design, graphic design, television, and sleeping. I praise music for teaching me how to spell confusing words such as bananas, tastey (even though I always thought it was tasty) and delicious. And for that, I give sole credit to Gwen and Fergie Feg. Plus, we all know the shit IS bananas.

Some would argue I am an alcoholic. And I will be the first to drink to that. Socially-schmocially; nothing is better than a nice cool sip of the V-O-D-K-A during breakfast, lunch, dinner, movie, work, before bed, after bed...I think you get the point. I'm kidding, of course.

But just to share a funny story - I was trying to open a bottle of wine and I ended up cutting my finger. How, you ask? Well, you see.. my friend, the corkscrew, happens to have an invisible bottle opener on the other end (well, at least it's invisible after a few drinks...) Anywho, stupid lil ol' me didn't think to check if the bottle opener was tucked away before tugging the shit out of the bottle. And I'm sure you can picture the end: me being stabbed by a corkscrew and wine going everywhere. Sad, sad day.

I am an avid supporter of the Britney Spears comeback. Even though I will admit she went a little crazy, I've been with my girl since day one and I won't turn my back on her!

Well, I am 20 and attend school at Illinois State University. I am a Public Relations major and my future plans for a career really reflect my personality. I am very outgoing, I like to talk, tell corny jokes, etc... I am not looking for hook ups, but rather something long term; friendship is great too.

Likes: I'm an searching for honest people. People who are fun to be around, interesting to talk to and confident.

Turn-offs: Fake people. I do not like liars or overly confident people who do nothing but talk about themselves. Also, people that are 40 years older than me.


Favorite TV shows

Dexter, Nurse Jackie, True Blood, Chelsea Lately, Desperate Housewives, Parenthood, Ugly Betty, Cougar Town. Simply put - I love TV.

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