See...what I did was....

Determined. Unwavering. Dedicated. Passionate. Honest to a fault. And if you are turned off by my profile "name", we probably will not hit it off. Don't take it so seriously ;-)

Honest, unwavering, hyper creative, passionate and the funniest person I know-just ask Life's experience is what you make it, not what your told it should be.

Likes: great kissing, laughter, humor, originality, killer smile, adventurous, thoughtfulness.

Turn-offs: smoking, irresponsible behavior, disrespect for those around you, complacency, unmotivated.



Music. Men. Music. Creating something new in the world every day. Music. DJ's. Music. Entertaining people. Dogs. Music. Dance clubs. Big Anthems. Music. Quiet time. Charitable work.

Favorite movies

"BATMAN" "BATMAN" "BATMAN" "BATMAN" "The Color Purple", "Sordid Lives", "Chicago", "Citizen Kane", "Halloween", "A League Of Their Own" , "Iron Man" and randomly--"CLUE", "C.R.A.Z.Y.", "Star Trek" and so on..

Favorite music

Pretty much all of it, but I am especially drawn to artists that write and perform their own material. Obviously dance music is my favorite with particular attention to classic Chicago house and tribal vocals. An artist that gets involved and gives back wins over the "takers" every time.

Favorite food

anything except sushi or chinese. UPDATE!!!!--(I have learned to actually love sushi--Who knew?? Jury is still out on "chinese-chinese" Mexican--yep. I enjoy the challenge of new recipes whether for food or drinks. Also, like trying to recreate something unique at home that I tried at a restaurant.. If I could cook for someone or someone's and get paid well for it as a living, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Favorite TV shows

Very little TV time, but try to catch The Biggest Loser. An occasional "Ellen" and slightly obsessed with "GLEE"....cracks my ass up!