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21-25 Recap (Volume 3)

The election tests some couples, Hunter gets an unexpected call, and Charlie has to make a choice in Week 5 of Volume 3. Volume 4 launches November 19th!

21-25 Recap (Volume 3)
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The election tests some couples, Hunter gets an unexpected call, and Charlie has to make a choice in Week 5 of Volume 3. Volume 4 launches November 19th!


"Tyler. Cab. Now!" Charlie commanded, pushing Tyler out of the doorway. Becka rose suddenly, look around at all of her guests mortified, and ran into the kitchen. Charlie and Brad ran after her.

"Becka! Wait!" Brad called, reaching for her.

"Don't you. FUCKING. Touch me." Becka said turning back. "You... cheated on me?"

"It was the first time... "

"With a GUY?!"

"Becka, please... "

"How long had this been going on? How long have you been... ?"

"I'm not gay. I'm not."

"Oh no. Not gay. Just sometimes."

"That's not... "

"Then what the FUCK, Brad?!"

"In college, I used to... only a couple of times, fooling around... it wasn't anything important or... "

"Not important enough to tell me before you proposed?"

"I love you, Becka. I want to be with YOU."

"Then why?"

"I freaked I guess. I never doubted how much I love you or want to be with you but... the thought of only being with one person for the rest of my life... I panicked."

"So you slept with him. Great. The thought of being with me forever freaked you out so much, you slept with a fucking GUY!"

"Becks... "

"And you!" Becka turned to Charlie. "Did you know? Were you covering for Brokeback over there?"

"I swear to God, Becka, I just found out."

Becka turned back to Brad. "So tell me. How was it? Were you the top or the bottom?"

"Becks, please calm down."

"I will NOT. CALM. DOWN." Steve, Edward and the Davids came running in to check on them. "Great. Goddammit. I'm surrounded by gays. Seriously, am I destined to be a fucking fag hag the rest of my fucking life? Couldn't you guys let me have this one?" She burst into hysterical sobs. The kitchen staff tried to maneuver their trays of passed hors d'oeuvres around her awkwardly.

Charlie went over to the guys. "Things are getting rather... heated. Can you... Steve, Edward, if you can see how the parents are doing? Davids, can you... um, usher the guests out? Tell them we'll keep them posted." The guys nodded and left the kitchen. Brad tried to reach out to her, but Charlie stopped him.

"Brad, go to your place. Pack an overnight bag. Stay somewhere else tonight. I'll... we'll talk in the morning."

Brad nodded and slumped off, beginning to tear up. Charlie went and held Becka as she sobbed.

"I'm sorry," Brad managed weakly, bursting into quiet sobs as he left. Charlie held Becka for a long time before she managed to find her voice again.

"I didn't mean what I said before. About gays or whatever."

"I know."

"I just... "

"Shhh." Charlie said, patting her head as she sobbed again. If anyone could make her feel better, it was Charlie. And he wondered how long the bar would stay open, because he knew that he'd need reinforcements.



David was quieter than usual at breakfast.

"In light of what happened at Becka and Brad's engagement dinner, it'd be in poor taste to muse that our household is a bipartisan one," Other David said, pouring himself another cup of coffee.

David chuckled. "Stop it."

"It's ironic though, isn't it? What with the closeted Republicans being the ones who solicit guys on the DL and Brad being such a devoted Democrat... "

David looked up from his paper. "You're hoping I'll change my mind, aren't you?"

Other David took his hand and kissed it. "Absolutely not. I love you and I knew what I was getting into when I committed to you. We are couple made up of individuals, not the other way around. What you do behind closed voting booths is your own business." Other David returned to his half of the paper. "Even if your party won't pay us the same courtesy behind closed doors."

"You needn't be snide."

"Ironically, that wasn't intended to be snide. It's purely factual."

David took his plate to the sink. "Well, you said it snidely." Other David got up and hugged his boyfriend in the kitchen.

"Babe, I respect you and your opinions and your ideals. We're both very passionate about the outcome of this election and it's difficult. But the most important thing is that I love you, not your party." They kissed.

"Oh shit," said David, checking his watch. "I gotta get going if I'm gonna vote and make it to work on time." He grabbed his coat and bag and rushed to the door. "Babe, thanks. I know it's not easy living with a gay Republican."

"Forget about it."

"And you're right. I respect your opinions and your ideals too. And regardless of the outcome of this election, our relationship is stronger."

"Yes, well, except one of our candidates would rather not have our relationship recognized by law... " Other David said, grabbing his coat and back and joining David at the door.

"Babe. Seriously. If your candidate wins, I won't begrudge you. I won't."

"Awww," said Other David, kissing David's forehead. "That makes one of us."



"Omigod," Mason whined in his jammies. "Can we turn this shit off?"

"Can you believe how many times he just said God in his concession speech?" asked Josh, cracking open a beer. "What happened to separation of church and state?"

"I kinda hoped he'd win. That Paul Ryan is hot."

Josh put the new commentary on mute. "You voted Republican because you thought a candidate was hot?"

"Of course not. I didn't vote at all."

"What the fuck?!"

"What's the point, babe? Obama was going to take Illinois anyway. Beside, I was busy today."

"Yeah," Josh scoffed, looking at the several shopping bags by the door. "Real busy, I'm sure."

Mason ripped the remote control out of Josh's hand.

"What are you doing? He's about to make his speech?"

"You've hogged the TV all night. I want to watch Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition."

"Obama's about to make his speech!"

"Whatever! Isn't Obama like the lesser of two evils or whatever?"

"Ok, besides his stance on gay rights, his core values on education... "

"But what does that even matter? We're both done with school."

"I'm a FUCKING teacher!"

Mason rolled his eyes. "Don't remind me."

Josh got up. "That's it. I can't take it anymore. I'm leaving."

"Where are you going?"

"Away. From here. Do you even know what's important to me, to the world? Do you care? Can you see anything past your reflection is something shiny?"

"So we're breaking up? Because of this election?"

"We're... I don't know. I just... .don't want to be with you any more."

"So after all these years, all this time... ? I haven't changed, Josh. I'm exactly the boy you fell in love with."

"I know," Josh said, storming off. "That's the problem."



One of the best things about bartending was that Hunter always had the house to himself during the day. He could sit around in his boxers, play video games, and not have to talk to anyone all day. Not that he hated people or anything. But he had to be "on" all the time, it could get exhausting. When his phone vibrated as he was playing the latest download of "The Walking Dead" video game, he was tempted not to answer it. He checked the caller ID out of habit. It was a number he hadn't seen in almost seven years and one that he never thought he'd see again. He paused the game, took a breath, and answered.


"Hunter?" came the gravelly voice of a woman that was at once a stranger and familiar to him.


"It's... "

"I know. What do you want?"

"If you're going to get smart, boy... "

"Ma, I haven't talked to you in... "

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

"So what? You're gonna tell me I'm going to Hell some more? Drag me back down to that Mercy House so they can try to pray the gay away again?"

"Listen here... "

"No you listen. Do you know how long it took me to forget about you guys, about that place? How long it took me to move on and build a new life? Why the fuck are you popping up now?"

"It's your dad, Hunter. His heart. It gave out."

Hunter felt that like a punch to the gut.

"Look, I know we have no right. I know that there's a lot of bad blood between us. I just thought you should know. It's my duty as a Christian to tell you."

"Why? I mean... he... you both disowned me."

"Just the same. I thought you should know."

"Is he asking for me?"

"No. But you were always his favorite. I think that's why you being a fag hurt him twice as much."

"Right. Um, should I... "

"I thought you should know. You do with that information what you will. But he ain't got long."

"Right." This is where normal mothers and sons would end a call with an ‘I love you' or ‘I miss you.' Instead, Hunter asked: "What about... "

"Never mind about THAT!" And she was gone.

Hunter hung up and started to choke on held back sobs. His knees buckled underneath him and he gripped onto the couch to keep his balance. He took a breath and dialed a number he never thought he'd call again.

"Well, hello," came the familiar sneer after two rings.

"Hey, I need to talk to you."

"Oh. Is this about the beau of yours I met back when? Because I swear I... "

"It's not that."

"So. You're crawling back to me. Looks like my tactics worked... "

"Daryl. Shut up and listen. It's Dad. He's dying."



"Come on LaTrice," Josh coached, with flash cards in his hand. "We covered this. The seventh president of the United States was... "

"Jackson!" LaTrice blurted out. "Andrew Jackson!"

"That's right! And if you pass this GED practice test, I'll take you to a show about him that's playing right now."

"Ooh a field trip. Are you sure that's ok?"

"Well... maybe if there was another chaperone." Josh said, smiling at Charlie at the next table over.


"It's great to have you back," Josh said to Charlie as he was putting on his coat.

"Thanks," Charlie said, holding the door open for Josh as they walked out of Haven. "I admit I almost didn't make it back. I'm finally catching up at school, but I took over as faculty advisor for the GSA and this quarter just started getting crazy."

"So why'd you come back?"

"For the kids."

"Is that the only reason?" Josh asked, as they arrived at Halsted and Waveland.

"I'm heading this way," Charlie said, pointing south.

"I'll walk with you. I'm going your way."

"Since when? I thought you lived up... "

"Not nowadays."

Charlie paused. "Did you guys move?"

"I moved."


"Do you ever think about the night we met?"


"I think about it. All the time. I don't know about you, but I never have nights like that. Where I feel so connected... this inexplicable spark with someone."

"And then you went off with your boyfriend."

"And then I came back. For you."

"So what does this mean?"

"I don't know. I mean, this thing with Mason, it's not good. We've been together for years and it's not easy to make a clean break. But I know I can't be with him anymore."

"Or for right now."

"Charlie, when I thought you were dead, it killed me not knowing what could've been with you. Not even having the chance to try at least. Have you ever felt that?"

"Yeah... "

"Then you stopped coming to Haven and I thought maybe I was just going through a late quarter life crisis. I should be happy with what I've got. But then, seeing you again, the night of the auction... "

"Did you guys... it's not because of me, is it?"

"No! No. It's a lot of things. But you... you're just a perk."

"Thanks?" Charlie said, waiting for the light to change at Roscoe so that they could cross.

"Seriously. I know it's a lot right now. I know it's weird with everything for me so up in the air. But I thought, maybe we could at least try?"

Charlie was too busy looking at his front stoop to respond. A cute, shaggy haired guy was sitting, waiting anxiously, awkwardly holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Hi!" he said, getting up suddenly and beaming as Charlie approached, with Josh trailing behind.

"Omigod," Charlie gasped. "Ben?!"


Volume 4 will launch November 19th!

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