Fierce Femme Fetale on Fridays

Tue. July 1, 2008 12:00 AM
by Jason P. Freeman

A New York/Boston-to-Chicago transport, Thomas, 23, works the medical-grade research circuit by day. By night, the young, and even somewhat reserved in appearance, Thomas transforms into a beaming, 47-year-old, bisexual socialite called Lady Vera Parker—and she's looking forward to turning 50.

Thomas moved to Chicago twice. On relocating to the Windy City, Thomas says, "My parents split up when I was younger, and my father moved to NYC; my mother stayed in Boston. I commuted back and forth, then came to Chicago for college. I moved back [to NY] for about a year or so after college ... I was working for the National Institute of Mental Health as a researcher doing [Functional magnetic resonance imaging] research. I was also having a ton of sex and going out too much and spending a ridiculous amount of money ... but I missed Chicago too much. I'm one of those weirdoes that's New York [at heart], but never really cared much for [the city]. It's home but I love Chicago more. It's much more peaceful to me… When I came back last summer, it was just for a change. I did research for awhile like I did in NYC, but now I am taking some time off and just relaxing until I start graduate school in the fall. I just needed a break."

That break for Thomas doesn't include a break from the wig-donning Parker. His drag-queen alter ego has been seen at recent events all over town and as the host of Fierce Fridays, a new drag and go-go revue that takes place at Spin.

"Lady Vera Parker is a lot of things," says the older femme fetale in Thomas. "The complete opposite of Thomas [who is] quiet, reserved, very shy, but still a sex maniac ... [Vera] is bisexual and loves to party. She is 47, but acts much younger! She is raunchy, but polite and friendly. She loves a dirty joke or playing with boys' cocks, but she is not mean or insulting. She makes fun of herself as much as others! She is mostly just about having a great time."

A monthly party hosted by Parker, Fierce Fridays started the first Friday in June. Parker touts the event as "boys taking off their clothes, a hot drag show, and drink specials." The "ridiculous" lineup for the first show included Jade, Regina Upright, Aurora Sexton, and the newly crowned Miss Continental Plus, Mercedes. Subsequent shows will include those performers, "plus a few other surprises," according to Parker.