Feature Column: Bedfellows


04/09/2009 - Lincoln Park Lullaby
Levi Kreis and his Great Balls of Fire

03/12/2009 - Lights-Out Enlightenment
The Old Guard gets "Neu" at the LA&M

01/20/2009 - Slumber Political Party
Politicos in Pajamas: BF features the three founders of lgbtchange.org

11/02/2008 - Movie Night
BFs goes to the movies with Reeling Director Brenda Webb

09/24/2008 - Dreamy Drawing
Go Figure: People are actually sketching at the Atomic Sketch Event

08/12/2008 - Cracking Jokes after Ten
Adam Guerino and The Sarcastic Squad running at the Playground Theater

07/01/2008 - Fierce Femme Fetale on Fridays
It's package play and dirty jokes at Lady Vera Parker's party

04/23/2008 - Rawhide Ballet
Leather chaps, tutus and ballet shoes: Bedfellows features Ken Gasch

03/19/2008 - From Bed to Page to Stage
Rebekah Walendzak's big, gay soap opera hits the stage for season two

02/20/2008 - Prince and George Michael's Love Child
"He" Bops: Bedfellows features Sixteen Candles vocalist Adam LeBlanc

01/23/2008 - Keith Elliot
Chicago Takes Off co-founder Keith Elliot dances for life

12/13/2007 - Waiting up for Santa
Join the slumber party as CP snuggles up with playwright David Cerda