What’s The Big Diff?!!?!

Wed. February 27, 2008 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

Attitude can be everything! I've seen it make AND break many a deal. Some seem to have a good one where others always have a bad one. Clearly Attitude is a choice and with that in mind I'd love to throw the challenge out there for folks to adjust their various forms of attitude. We may have a good one about some things and a sour one about others. Needless to say, the positive one is usually the right one. Or is it!?

Take for example I've got a bad attitude when it comes to the war in Iraq! I don't think a whole lot of folks are feeling positive about it! As of the date of this writing there have been 3,973 deaths of U.S soldiers . I am a determined to raise my voice and pen against this STUPID WAR ! My negative attitude about this wretched choice to go to and stay at war in Iraq propels me to put that challenge out there. If you've not registered to Vote in the next presidential elections, you might want to think about doing so.

Approach is another word for attitude. If you come to a situation with a positive approach, it will tend to make those around you upbeat. Come with a negative approach and you're likely to see just the opposite. One of my mentors taught me that a smile can really calm a situation or circumstance. I would see him throw a grin on his face at the most odd times and the reaction from others was just plain bizarre. His smile wasn't one of "I'm better than you are" or spite, but rather it was a clam and collected smile that messaged attentiveness and desire to peacefully resolve a situation. It always seemed to work, so I tried it out myself. Honestly, it really does work! I've found when I approach any situation with a smile or look of peace on my face it not only alleviates others feelings, but it refocuses my attitude as well!

Outlook is also a synonym of the word attitude. Its funny how the "Glass half empty vs. the glass half full" really does apply here. Sometimes we don't see the whole picture and that impacts our feelings or stance. Take for example the other day someone paid me a very nice complement. In my mind, I honestly questioned why they said what they did. They must have wanted something from me or intended to brown nose me for some private agenda. Well, why in the heck should I think that? If my outlook were a bit more in tune I would see beyond what may be that persons agenda and take the compliment. My father always says, "Look at the bright side!" His outlook has always been one of a positive nature. That has always made him someone that people want to be around.

Outlook also plays a great role in our thoughts towards ourselves! We all have things about us that we either don't like or wish was different. In my life I suffer from chronic asthma. This has always made life difficult. When I was a child I was educated on the likes of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his victory over his physical condition of polio. He worked hard to look beyond his limitations. This is something that I've always admired and tried to emulate in my life. Sure, bad stuff happens to good people. Our outlook can take that bad stuff and turn it into a winning life!

Mindset too is a word for attitude. It speaks of determination. Don't you just love those folks that get something set in their mind and do it! I've always admired that! Sometimes this requires us to renew our minds away from destructive ways of thinking. No matter how you stack it, that takes discipline and work. Take for example working out. I have friends that religiously workout. (That would be you Isaiah and Alex !) I know others that go every few days. Recently I've added workouts to my busy schedule. I could always think of excuses not to make the effort, but could never think of reasons why I shouldn't workout.

Personally I came to the conclusion that I would only be better if I made my health part of my daily regimen. I've had to change my way of thinking on a daily basis. I've been planning ahead and have been arranging meetings around my workouts. For my own personal well-being I've had to place this on my mind all the time. My reward has been more energy, (Ya, I needed help with that. NOT!) better feeling about my longevity and meeting new people! Without giving a plug to the gym that I go to, it's like being at a gay club without the booze. LOVE THAT! (Yep, my attitude is better alright!)

Your attitude is just that . . . Yours! You make of it what you want of it . It's up to you. Will it be one with a smile? Will it be a position of seeing beyond your circumstances? Whatever your attitude is you can be sure that you will be known for it!