Equality In Illinois

Tue. January 29, 2008 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

Equality Illinois has been working for years to secure, protect and defend the basic civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in the state of Illinois.

Equality Illinois founders like Rick Garcia , and Art Johnston , played a role in the passage of Chicago's Human Rights Ordinance. They've seen the passage of the non-discrimination bill in January 2005 that made Illinois one of only fourteen states that prohibit discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations based on sexual orientation. Equality Illinois has taken your voice to the leaders of our state and moved some pretty big walls!

The Equality Illinois Gala benefit is taking place February 2, 2008 . This fundraiser is a terrific opportunity to Make A Difference right here in Chicago! The Equality Illinois Gala is a blast! Everyone dresses up for a great meal, inspiring speeches, fabulous libations and a great dance floor. EVERYONE will be there!!

If you would like to attend, tickets are on sale here on the front page or by going directly to the Equality Illinois website