Portillo’s serves up new salads for spring

Sat. May 4, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Hot dog, Portillo's is rolling out three new salads for a fresh, spring menu. Portillo's Restaurant Group, Inc. was founded in 1963 in Villa Park, Illinois by Richard J. Portillo. Originally named The Dog House, the company focused on Chicago-style food such as hot dogs and Italian beef.

In 2024, the restaurant serves quite a variety ranging from pasta to ribs. The place keeps with a Windy City theme by adding hot giardiniera to its newest offering of a spicy chicken chopped salad. Bits of pasta are placed into the mix along with cabbage, tomatoes, onions, bacon and cheese. Lettuce is also a crucial ingredient and an excellent source of vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting, so go hog wild on the dish.

If spices aren't your thing then stick to the traditional Greek salad with grilled chicken and feta cheese. The roasted garlic vinaigrette dressing is served on the side to give the diner control over the amount poured on top.

More variety can be found in the new chicken pecan salad with bacon. That honey peppercorn dressing is not to be missed.

Did you know that lettuce is part of the sunflower family? If that doesn't take the cake then mix it into a shake or dig into a chocolate cake slice before you leave.

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