Find true peace at the Virtue Alchemy Candle Company

Sun. February 4, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Now that some of the dangers of the pandemic are past us, the public is beginning to look for group activities to bring the population back together. Well, look no further than Virtue Alchemy Candle Company at 2064 North Damen Avenue in Chicago.

This locally owned business has found virtue and peace in the wide world of candles. 

After successful pop-up shops owner Anna Romo finally landed in a brick-and-mortar location in Bucktown. This cozy spot is a passion project for her that continues to succeed and become more popular every day.

Curating a tranquil environment has taken Romo on a journey with no end in sight. She brings in a background of massage and yoga to the mix which has paid off. She has discovered that certain scents can heal the mind which in turn heals the body. This energy is growing increasingly important in the revved-up world we live in these days.

There are hand-poured soy wax candles for purchase and bags of coffee beans can clear out shopper's sinuses when on the hunt. Hand-painted labels are on each glass jar and customization is also an option for buyers.

Seasonal offerings not only include Valentine's Day but also Halloween and rainbow Pride candles in June for the LGBTQ+ community. Clothing and coffee mugs with inspirational expressions are offered to pair with the variety of candles.

Tips and ideas are conveyed in candle-making workshops and classes held throughout each month at Virtue. Add-ons such as ceramics and vision boards can be included in the experience. Start things off with a sound bath mixed with meditation to center the soul and take home a gift bag.

Participants can create their own unique candle by combining fragrance oils in a beaker with guidance from Romo. Mental health aspirations and positive affirmative encouragement allow guests to craft a waxy souvenir to take home.

The candle does need time to set so don't plan on enjoying the fruits of your labor until two weeks after the class. Pro-tip: trim the wick a bit before officially lighting it up to extend the lifespan of the candle and avoid puddles in the middle of the wax.

Education and relaxation are all included in a course set to balance the mind in a group setting. One's inner child can be rekindled through the artistry of vision boards and card-making in a workshop. There's really something for everyone who enters with an open mind and sits at the communal table.

Book a private or group class for candle making at Offsite packages are also available to suit any occasion. Other companies can't hold a candle to what Virtue Alchemy Candle Co. has to offer!

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